[Video] Ninjas (Robotic Drone Mounted RED Epic)

[Video] Ninjas (Robotic Drone Mounted RED Epic)

The guys over at Omstudios wanted to show off the capabilities of the their OMCOPTER drone, housing a RED Epic. The video clearly shows the drone's ability to move in, out, around and over the action. Sadly we are cheated out of all the awesome clashes of steel and slashing of viscus as there is no sound to this video. But I'm sure, if you ask nice enough, our very own Patrick Hall will beat box out all the sound effects for you over the phone. Check out the video and a couple of BTS of the OMCOPTER drone, in the full post.

The OMCOPTER gives wings to the Red Epic from omstudios on Vimeo.

via [IWatchStuff]
From Kenn:
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Sean Shimmel's picture

Get ready... right in line with D3, D3s, MKII, D800 high-iso noise obsession...

There'll be questions on when a NEWER drone will be released with higher BRPS (blade rotations per second)

David Teran's picture

I just opened up iTunes and played "I'm Not A Hero" off of The Dark Knight soundtrack. With a little imagination, it meshed perfectly!

These videos are so close to being amazing but that slight amount of camera shake makes them look cheap to me. I wonder if that can be fixed in post. 

Where was this filmed!! What a cool location! 

Hahahaha these are not authentic Asian ninjas. At 1:53 he tries to roll and pick up the sword and misses it. Fail. And yes the camera shake can be fixed in post. There are many anti shake software pieces out there. Vreveal does well and Sony Vegas has a good engine too. But lets get back to these sloppy ninjas because that has me entertained. 

great footage from the drone but they really need some tighter shots during the action parts. I kept on leaning into my screen to make out what was going on.

Sander van der Veen's picture

Fun for a couple of seconds, but the movie itself is somewhat boring. No music, lame fighting and too much 'slomo' effect used... 

nice copter though!

There is sound. They're just very good.

Now THAT's what I call a flycam...

I wonder if one of these would help that camera shake, Lee. http://www.ken-lab.com/stabilizers.html

Great camera work. They need a better fight choreographer though.