[Video] Is Your Idea Really Yours? Everything Is A Remix

This fantastic mini-doc explores the history behind intellectual property, ideas, creativity, and the laws that have been put in to place to control them. If you enjoyed Noam Galai’s Stolen Scream doc, you’ll get a kick out of the commentary provided in this video by Kirby Ferguson. What do you think? Is creativity derivative? Where do you draw the line, if you draw one at all?

You can see the rest of the series of videos on Kirby's Vimeo page.

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Interesting, thanks!

I've been following this series for a long time! I loved the first three parts much more than the concluding 4th part, but Kirby Ferguson has done an overall wonderful job. I'm looking forward to his next project. 

 The idea of Intellectual "Rights" are so naturalised in us we don't question it. This is a refreshing review of the status quo. True or not, it is certainly intriguing and thought provoking. excellent work

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great work