Watch Discovery's Final Launch From An Airplane

Okay I admit there is nothing really "behind the scenes" in this video but it is just too cool not to post. On Feb 24th, NASA's Discovery space shuttle launched for the final time and created a lot of media buzz. Most people travel down to the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral to watch these amazing launches, but a few lucky passengers flying out of Orlando, Florida experienced the launch like few have ever seen it: 35,000 feet high in a commercial airline! Check out our previous post on NASA's video coverage of their shuttle launches if you want to see more amazing video of the space program.

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Could have charged a fortune for that flight. *space shuttle launch special* :P Thanks for sharing, that was totally awesome!

Living in central Florida its always great to see the shuttle launch in our back yard. This year though I remember seeing a plane flying by during the launch and thinking "Man, What a flight to be on!" Really cool to see the footage from what might be that same plane.

"Folks you can see the space shuttle launching if you are sitting on the right side of the aircraft. If you are sitting on the left side of the aircraft you can see the people on the right side of the aircraft watching the shuttle." - Pilot

lol hahahahaahahah

"Drinks are on the house"! What airline is that?

Think this view is much better/cooler ;)

very kool, wish i was there

An inspiring sight.

Going in space has to be the Pinnacle of technological advancement.

Beautiful to see this for a plane!