The Wednesday Rundown 12.28.11

Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week we have another roll out of BTS videos from y'all, the readers of Fstoppers. Even if you are not competing this year in the contest you should watch these videos for ideas for your next shoot. So many different and creative approaches have been used in this year's contest. Check out what dreams are made of in Canada with this Hockey BTS video. A low budget and well executed shoot. If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.

Hockey Shoot:

We all know what Canadians dream of... to be a hockey player of course. Well our neighbor to the north, Yannick, shows us how these dreams start. I love the way this video starts and draws out the lighting diagram. It kept me wanting to see more. Check out the video and then leave him some feedback on the forum.

FStoppers BTS Video from Yannick Morand on Vimeo.

Complete Shoot:

I have never seen so much get done in a video as much as Wouter knocks out in this one. He shows us his plan and shoot to get ready for an exposition. What a great array of photos and jobs he captures. Forum Link

Lighting Gunfire:

Daniel Sone gives us an informative look at how to light gunfire. Daniel does this with one light and a full CTO gel to give the photo a warm fire light. Check out his video and remeber this for the next fire fight you shoot.

Lighting Gunfire BTS from Daniel Sone on Vimeo.

Chess Shoot:

Ryan takes us on a dynamic perspective shoot with a chess board. He explains in great detail how he approached shooting this project. Forum Link

Dynamic Perspective BTS for Fstoppers from ryannorton on Vimeo.

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Wow! Thanks for posting my video! Was a pleasure to make it! :)

Simon wardenier's picture

Great job Wouter, really enjoyed your BTS video, good luck!