The Wednesday Rundown 4.25.12

The Wednesday Rundown 4.25.12

Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week we have a great line up of videos coming your way, from locations at the beach to a vast open field.  Are you making behind the scenes videos or tutorials videos and would like them posted on Fstoppers? Well this is where to get started, shoot me an email, facebook message or even a tweet @jerrit of your video and we will look into posting it here. We want to show people what is going on with our community. So help us help you and send that video over you have been waiting to release.


Jon Killz Photography takes us to the beach for a beachwear shoot. Jon shoots this models using the sun, an alien bee with an octobox modifier.

Fashion Shoot:

Brooke and Lindsay had a shoot with a makeup artist/hair stylist and model with a gorgeous dress to have fun with. They shot this near Lancaster, California in an expansive field. They both took a different approaches to the shoot.

After the Rain:

Jay Liang takes his model out to the beach after a rain shower. Jay used a one light setup with a beauty dish.

Burlesque Shoot:

Ian shows us behind the scenes of his burlesque photo shoot. With an amazing location and great costums Ian is able to get this women comfortable and showing their best stuff.

"Just Another Day At The Office" - Behind the Scenes of Nuvo Burlesque's Photoshoot at Cream Lounge from Nuvo-Burlesque Dance on Vimeo.

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First video isn't available in the UK. something about EMI and copywrite

Jens Marklund's picture

Seems like Jon spent all his money on lightning. Looks like he's shooting on a Rebel with kit lens? Weird combo.

rebel + good lighting is not _that_ bad of an idea! the t2i, t3i, 60d and 7d all share the same sensor anyways. If you have a still subject, non-challenging ambient lighting, and don't need more than a frame or two per second, a t2i is going to work about as well as a 7D.

... that being said... trying to autofocus at or after sunset with an f/4 lens on a rebel and you are asking  for a lesson in frustration.

Fabian Pourmand's picture

Hmm I agree with Jens, quality of images in these videos were not impressive. I know Brooke is an awesome fine art photographer but the images were over done. Jays images were well...

Just went over to Brroke's site and looked at her images. Sorry Brooke...never heard of you before. Anyway, the images in the video are consistent with her other work. They look great.

Nicholas's picture

Wednesday Rundown is the best. I never miss it. All the videos were cool, but Lindsey and Brooke kicked butt on their video. Great location. 

(Reminds me of that scene from David Fincher's Seven). 

Derek matarangas's picture

These BTS videos are getting worse and worse. :( 

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

Send me some good ones to post and I shall. 

can you repost first video please !

Derek I have to agree with you :(

Ero's picture

Video "After the rain" is very amateurish, other too not worth to be here, except "Fashion shoot". Please select good BTS videos with worth content, otherwise this section will be dead in near future. Better one good video than bunch of these like.


Agreed. After The Rain is just some everyday average kid with a beauty dish and a portable strobe.    There's nothing interesting or compelling about the photos, poses or compositions.  It's not just about owning equipment people...

I'm dizzy from his crooked horizon lines....

Anthony Chopin's picture

I agree! The poses were awkward, the lighting was way too harsh and the photos didn't really convey anything. Yeah she was hot, but that's about it. All it boiled down to was a hot model in a spotlight on a wet beach. NEXT!

'After the Rain' looked really bad.  

I actually think the first video had the best final product.

Christopher Hoffmann's picture

I love how so many people that never post BTS videos are so quick to judge (not give constructive criticism) and rip apart others works. Reminds me of the the Christian bible verse: "Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged" Kinda scary that it's so bad on here you made me (a Jew) quote the New Testament.

Okay Chris, your above comment about a Jew quoting the NT was too funny.  

Hey, at least there is people that are least trying. I agree. Instead of putting them down, people should just take the time and give a constructive criticism. I still like this segment : ).