ENDS TOMORROW: Win a Sneak Preview of Fstoppers New Wedding Photography Tutorial

UPDATE: CONTEST ENDS TOMORROW! After 2 full years, it is finally done!  Our digital download, How To Become a Professional Commercial Wedding Photographer "DVD" tutorial is ready to be released. Lee and I have spent countless hours in filming, editing, and producing this 14+ hour tutorial, and we want to give three lucky Fstoppers readers a free, pre-release copy in its entirety. And to top it off, we are giving each of those 3 winners one of our secret light modifiers currently in preproduction.  Details about how to enter are outlined below.

Entering this contest is extremely easy. We are giving away three copies of our newest wedding tutorial through three different online platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and this post down below. You can enter across all three platforms for a total of 3 chances of winning. Everyone is eligible to enter no matter where you are located in the world, how old or young you might be, or how good (or bad) you may be with a camera. The winners will be randomly picked on January 1st at 3pm eastern. Good luck to everyone who enters!

Fstoppers: Simply leave a comment on this post below to enter. Entries must be more than 5 words and all purposefully hateful comments will be ineligible and removed.

Twitter: Follow @fstoppers and Tweet the following message to enter: "I want to win a sneak preview of the new @Fstoppers wedding DVD: http://bit.ly/TmwVfK"

Facebook: Follow us on facebook and leave a message on our contest post at www.facebook.com/thefstoppers Just like your entry on Fstoppers.com, hateful and extremely short comments will not be eligible.

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Wow this looks like a great informative video, would love to have to opportunity to win a copy.

Gerd Tschebular's picture

Over 14 hours? This will be an amazing start into the new year - you guys seriously rock!

marlon mckoy's picture

wow i really like that you guys are doing this sharing is caring hope i win 

grimmywest's picture

still saving up for the Peter Hurley DVD and you have jus thrown a spanner into the works

win win

Hope to WIN it because im on shoe string budget ...but I know it's going to be good so I'll have to save up to buy it if i dont WIN

Matt Kozovski's picture

This looks like a fantastic dvd! I'm sure you guys did a great job! Even if I don't win, it'll be a must get!

Thanks for bringing us more and more content on and off the web!  As always THANK YOU !


There are so many DVD's to buy now this one as well! Hope it sells well!!

Andrew Barros's picture

I hope i win! congrats on finally finishing it.

You guys are awesome!  I hope I win this epic tutorial!

Hi, i have digital camera

Jason Vinson's picture

im being held captive by a zombie bride and vampire groom! the only way to earn my freedom is to photograph their wedding.... please teach me the ways so that i can earn my freedom!!!!

Richard Cave's picture

Arrgh arrgh grrrrrr giiivee him videeeo so my fi ffi ffiance arrgh and iiiiiii haveeee nicee grrrrhhh weddddinnn  fotto heesss rubbish.  Grrrr grrr ggeee  grrrr weddin dance thrillller so funneeee  grrr.........................

Great opportunity, dudes!  Thanks.

Ken White's picture

Looking forward to the release!

Pnut's picture

FStoppers is a great site for beginners and pros alike!  Even if you are just a photography fan, this site is awesome!

Great way to start the New year with this awesome DVD! Love the opportunity to win this :)

This looks amazing! I hope I win one! :)

I really do like this site I learn so much and see such great images and techniques.

Sounds like a great video

Bryce L Tomlinson's picture

Looks great -- Thanks for all your hard work.

Would love to have this DVD to help me kick start my wedding photography business!

Wow, so many comments already, not sure if Im gonna win this one. I'm not wedding photographer, I've just started doin food photography but the knowledge would hopefully apply

Ezequiel Poccard's picture

very nice Fstoppers! i want / need the dvd! happy new year from Argentina! I LOVE the site!

Looks good, can't wait! 

sounds awesome. great work

Great Idea! well done guys

just got my photography business up and running. this would be a great learning device

Jacob DelaRosa's picture

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this DVD!!! Check out my wedding portfolio sometime :)

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