It Was Bound To Happen: The Iphone Wedding

For some reason people still like to send us videos of photographers using the worst possible camera the iphone for their photoshoots. It's been proven time and time again that you actually can produce some really great images with the most simple of cameras. As a wedding photographer myself, I'll admit, I was a bit shocked at just how good some of these images look in this video. Of course there is no super shallow depth of field, tight reaction shots, or reception strobe images but this still put a smile on my face. And I will even go as far as saying that this presentation even looks better than some wedding photographers' work I've come across during my own career. From the looks of it the bride and groom still had a traditional photographer on hand too so I'm sure the event was well covered. What do you guys think: are you confident enough in your photography skills to pull something like this off?

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Shamir Fersobe's picture

Amazing work! 
iPhone 4 user, will have to try this sometime! 

Kay's picture


Using iPhone to capture video coverage for wedding has been very popular in asia for quite sometime now, especially in malaysia and i'm kiddin' you not that they're good. If you're interested to watch, i'll share the video link.

Haha, epic!
I pulled my iphone to have an extra few video shots to add to the final video and the groom's reaction was "what are you doing with that iphone?"
but I was so tempted to just shoot the wedding on it

Anonymous's picture

It's well edited. 

Nice pictures, but the video is really annoying! Am I getting too old, not being able to grasp a photo in a nanosecond?

Ghislain Leduc's picture

This video is cool but like Jouni said, impossible to watch anything... My brian hurts.. to fast...
I wouldn't be able to use my ipod touch to take pictures.... I'm often out of focus every time I press the button, the photo is not that good.... I would have to take way too many pictures to get a few good one. Iphone/ipod touch is not for me I guess... I can rarely take any good pictures with it...

Seth Smobley's picture

Models . . . weddings . . .  It's time to take the iphone thing to the next level.  Who's going to do the first Kodiak bears feasting on salmon in Alaska shoot with just an iphone?  You don't really need a 400mm lens if you have an iphone and big brass ones. ;)

Alex Masters's picture

You can actually mount a 400mm lens to an iPhone..

Carlos Yepez's picture

Definitely better photos than many wedding photos I've seen from "professional wedding" photographers.  Very nice presentation as well. 

Bad editing, YUCK!

Peter Pollack's picture

So much fun!! I just love these iPhone shoots........ more please!

Golgo Thirteen's picture

I have never really seen any wedding photography that I liked, but IF I was to ever like any, I would be pretty impressed with this. These photos DO look better than 97% of the stuff I see. The angles were good and not all blurry because the photographer thought it would be neato to shoot flowers at f1.2 with the flowers in focus and the bride holding them super blurry. 

Now on the topic of wedding videos.....I have seen some INSANE ones.

Pixteca | نجم's picture

iphones hooters?

Bo Reidler's picture

Very creative and fresh. They have thrown the droll and cliche of wedding video/photography  out and introduced freshness!

Mike M's picture

The people rating this down are just jealous.  Rediculously good work for an iPhone wedding shoot.

Richard Grebby's picture

What addon did they use the make the shots wide angle?

Liana Marie Collado Seda's picture

I actually took a class last semester on cellphone cinematography. I took it mainly to have fun and to learn the basics video and editing on Premier Pro. I created some really great videos but if I was to shoot something as special as a wedding I would not present a video that I took with my iphone. Personally I would be ashamed to do so.

Quality can't compare to a real DSLR or video camera. The creative control with an iphone is limiting and cliche and should be for fun.. IMHO

Arturo Mieussens's picture

Creativity and good taste matter much more than technical quality, What I like about these videos is that they (should) make many photographers stop accumulating technology and start cultivating artistic sense.

Anonymous's picture

I'm surprised there where no hipstamatic shots.

William Jason Wallis's picture

that's terrifying

RobbPhoto's picture

Sure, it looks fun and I take a million pics with my iphone... but go ahead and start printing with those pics... maybe it's a good second shooter camera (didn't I see a photographer in that shot on the beach?). All in all, a great tool to add to the box.

Brandon Luckain's picture

The pictures are good and all, but this may as well have been taken by a guest with their phone. Why even hire a photographer lol

Chris Blizzard's picture

Because without the photographer they hired they'd be stuck with just the iPhone shots...   You can see someone shooting a canon on the beach.

Andrei Ivan's picture

Honestly I'm getting a little tired of all this iphone craziness. Sure, you can shoot anything with any camera, but cameras are cameras, phones are phones. At least that's my opinion. 

paul johnson's picture

yes there's some nice shots but what's th epoint other than proving something we already know. It's not the right tool for the job. Could have used any digital camera really and got reasonable results. It's not the tool but how you sue it that counts. I could use aq trwoel to dig a big hole in the ground but what's the point whne I could use a shovel other than to prove you can do the same with atrowel