Only 9 Spots Left For Pye Jirsa's Wedding Photography Workshop

Update: 7 seats left. Are you planning on attending Pye Jirsa's Ultimate Wedding Workshop down in the Bahamas? If so you better reserve your spot soon. Pye Jirsa of SLR Lounge will be teaching his 2 day course on all things wedding photography down at our first ever Fstoppers Workshops. If you have seen the wedding work of Lin and Jirsa Weddings then you know Pye and his team are at the pinnacle of the wedding genre. During May 28 through June 1st, Pye will be teaching all of his lighting, posing, and editing techniques in two separate 2 day workshops.

The total number of attendees for this workshop is limited to 30 people (15 people in each of the 2 workshops). So far 21 people have confirmed their spot leaving only a few spots left in each of the two courses. If you are planning on attending our Fstoppers Workshop, please do not wait until the last minute to sign up. We would hate to have to turn someone down who was planning on attending because they waited too long to confirm their spot.

off camera techniques for wedding photographers

If you want more information about all the topics Pye will be covering in this course, check out the video above or head over to Pye's course description. If you want more information about the workshop in general, check out the promo video we created below outlining all the instructors, courses, and activities you can enjoy while vacationing in paradise! Head over to for sign up information, hotel reservations, and general questions you may have about this incredible event.

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I just realized this is the island from Black Sails (though that's filmed in Africa).

cy sawyer's picture

I really wish I could afford to attend this workshop! Pye, help me lol

What I would give to be able to go! Maybe next time :-(