Posing for Passion and Purpose by Marvell Smith

Utah's photographer of the year, Marvell Smith did a presentation in front of the Utah County SMUG group about posing and gave some great golden nuggets that all of us can apply to our own work. The video quality is not the best but the information is extremely useful and worth checking out. Smith, of Vellvet Images, has a way of working with couples that create pictures that tell stories. A true professional! If you want to jump ahead to get right to the section about posing start the video about 30 minutes in.

In the video Marvell gives lots of great tips on learning to read body language in order to help couples tell the right story that they are trying to portray. He also brings people out of the audience on a number of different occasions to demonstrate poses and shows how small changes can entirely change a picture. From the small non-verbal cues of the eyes, head, hands and mouth Smith teaches way of helping your clients into poses that are both flattering and look natural. Schedule some time today or tomorrow to check out this talk by Smith or at least have it playing on your monitor while doing your next round of editing. You are sure to pick up some posing nuggets that will surely help you the next time you are out on a shoot with a couple.

You can check out more of Marvell Smith's work on his website, blog and Facebook page.

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Raheel Gauba's picture

Amaaaaazing video... Thanks for posting this! Learned a lot!!!

J Cortes's picture

Very good stuff , and very similar to Roberto Valenzuela. I only watched till 47 min , but I wonder who borrowed from whom?

Mike Martin's picture

Great video! There was some really solid posing info here PLUS he was so funny in the way he presented his lecture.

Thomas Arif Pierce's picture

Going to watch this on the train ride home.

Jason Lee's picture

great stuff... worth the watch.
some of it.. especially the posing part... sounds word for word right out of roberto valenzuela's instruction from creativelive.  

Ralph Hightower's picture

Marvell was the most informative, most entertaining video that I've seen on F-stoppers!

Thanks for sharing! I watched the whole two hours and never got bored. Learned some new stuff as well. :)

I'm glad I was seeing this! Nice tip! I think I will see this many times.

Jamil Teja's picture

amazing video!! very helpful thank you!!

Jeff McGrath's picture

Rest in peace Marvell. You were a true inspiration to many of us and the photography community will truly miss you.

Feuza's picture

will have to watch this now to relive you a bit more Marvel

Nicholas gonzalez's picture

Beautiful video. Beautiful person.