What Was Your First Wedding Photography Experience Like?

Wedding photography is a notoriously difficult genre, full of numerous challenges of all sorts. This can make your first wedding quite the scary experience, but it also often makes for a good story! This fun video follows a photographer as he shares the story of his first wedding. 

Coming to you from Taylor Jackson, this great video follows him as he discusses the first wedding he ever shot. Your first wedding is a bit of a rite of passage, and while it can be harrowing in the moment, it can make for a great story down the road. I was lucky in that the first wedding I shot was for two good friends who were extremely supportive and laid back, giving me lots of time and space to take my shots. I was also lucky in that the venue was quite beautiful and offered many readymade shots. It allowed me to build my confidence and learn quite a lot on a day that could have easily been a disaster had I not had such supportive friends. Check out the video above for Jackson's experience (which is admittedly a story full of more plot twists than mine), and be sure to share the story of your first wedding in the comments! 

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