The Wednesday Rundown 10.10.12

The Wednesday Rundown 10.10.12

Howdy everyone and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week we have a BTS video of photographer Austin Lindsay's recent motorcycle shoot and post edit. Austin does a great job with his lighting and post work. Also check out the lighting the Caldera spa shoot put together. If you have a great and informative video you want to see in the Wednesday Rundown please shoot me an email .

Motorcycle Shoot:
Austin Lindsay takes us behind the scenes with his motorcycle shoot and retouching tutorial. Austin lights the bike and model with an alien bee with a octabank modifier, a couple of reflectors to even out the lighting and two alien bee kickers.

Zoe Saldana Shoot:
Reader Michael Oliveri shoots a BTS video for photographer John Russo and actress Zoe Saldana.

Caldera Spa Shoot:
Caldera Spas teams up with brand developer, Magnetic Creative. Check out this great site that lighting that is put together to make this happen. Photography by Dean Bradshaw. ~Caldera has put a password on the video now, Sorry.
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Need a password for the Caldera shoot

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

They changed it over night!