The Wednesday Rundown 10.27.10

Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. Tonight I had the chance, with a bunch of fellow fstoppers, to see Chase Jarvis speak and sign his newest book in person. It is pretty cool how Chase gives back to the community of photographers and encourages all of us to stay involved. I had the chance to meet several new people and hope to stay in contact. Thanks to Matt who sent in a video this week of a fashion shoot.

Podcast: View on wedding Photography

Hello guys just another quick podcast I found while driving the highways. This one is about a non wedding photographers view on shoot a wedding.

Matt Steeves: Fashion Shoot

Matt sent in his BTS video of a fashion shoot in did recently. Check out as he walks us through the shoot and discusses his techniques for the shoot. Thanks again for sending in your video.

Food and Product Photography:

Tonight I got the chance to meet Mark, Kelsey, and Diane. They are the team behind the Adorama videos.  I had a very nice time talking with them about future projects they are working on. It was just luck that I had a video already selected from these guys. Enjoy as always.

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