The Wednesday Rundown 10.6.10

Hello everyone and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. I have been playing around with my flash a bit this week and forgot about the sync speed for a second (just a split second). I know of the 1/250 sync speed and understand the basic idea,  but do you? We have a great video that goes into detail of how the camera and flash sync.  Also we have a video sent in by Julien from Canada, thanks again for the videos!

Flash Sync Speed:

If you are someone that doesn't understand the 1/250 sync speed this video is a must. Very detailed on how the camera and flash work together in timing.

Recreating the Sun:

These guys are crazy. I will never be able to say they have a boring video, check out how these photographers fake the sun in a photo with a speedlight.

Visual Body:

Check out this beautiful video sent in by one of you. Great final images, I have email Julien to see if he can give us some detail on how he got the final images. Hopefully we will see something in the comments sections.

Extreme Panning:

This guy has a pretty cool method for getting some extreme blurring. Nothing to new but might be good next time you are shooting an action scene.

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Jerrit Pruyn is a professional wedding photographer based in NYC. His work and articles have been featured on Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Huffington Post, and Daily Mail.

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Holy crap ! Julien Bourbon for the win !

Julien emailed me back with these comments on the shoot:

For the final images, there is no post production except the color. The blur is a long exposure (1.6 seconde). No light, just daylight and 2 Neutral Density filters. Lots of preparation and accessories, very good team too.

Thanks Jerrit and Simon ;)