Flash Disc Europe Sale! Add 3 to Your Cart, Pay for Only 2!

Flash Disc Europe Sale!  Add 3 to Your Cart, Pay for Only 2!

Today we are launching a great deal on our Flash Disc light modifiers for those of you living in the European Union.  If you add 3 Flash Discs to your Amazon Cart, you will get a special sale price for only 2 (basically buy 2 get 1 free).  The Fstoppers Flash Disc is basically a small softbox that folds up and fits into your pocket.  It's perfect for photographers on the go who need soft light without the hassle that comes with using a large softbox.  As we mentioned before, selling the Flash Disc in Europe has been a huge pain in the butt and once our current inventory is sold out we will not be replenishing any more in the Amazon.co.uk store.  


If you are not familiar with the Fstoppers Flash Disc, it is a small 12" circular softbox for speedlights. It is build around the same concept as many large twistable reflectors and therefore it can fold up into a compact sphere that will actually fit into your pocket. Lee and I have been using this light modifier for years, and it works great for quick shooting conditions such as weddings, editorial work, food, details, ring shots, products, and even portraits. Keep in mind, this small collapsible softbox will never replace a large softbox but it is an super convenient tool for when large studio light modifiers are too cumbersome to use. 

While we recommend using this small softlighter for off-camera applications, we've noticed a lot of photographers using it directly on their on-camera flash for a softer direct flash look. If you don't mind looking a bit silly, this method can help soften your on-camera flash, but where the Flash Disc really shines is with off-camera lighting. Set up two or three of these modifier around your subject and you can get soft, directional lighting using your small speedlights. 

Fold us easily for storage in your pocket or camera bag

We would love to offer the Flash Disc to photographers around the world but having to deal with accountants and paying overseas customs and taxes has proved to be a big headache for us. Unfortunately once these units sell out in our UK Amazon store we will not be shipping more to the European market. Keep in mind, the Amazon Uk store will ship anywhere in the European Union so most everyone in Europe is eligible for shipping.   



Below are a few tutorials we made showing how the Flash Disc can be used for headshots and product shots in the studio. You can also see how the Flash Disc can be used for on location swimwear portraits in the Flash Disc Promo video below as well.


Perfect for event photography where you want soft off-camera lighting without bouncing and destroying the moody atmosphere



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Patrick Hall is a founder of Fstoppers.com and a photographer based out of Charleston, South Carolina.

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Do we need to put in a code to get this offer?

No, you should just put three in your cart and then go to the check out page and it should have a discount applied. Please let me know if it doesn't work because I can't confirm it being in the US. Some of our European writers have said the discount shows up but if not let us know.

de discount doesn't work...order three en pay three :-(

sorry, I'm a little to fast...did get the discount, thanks! :-)

Hi Patrick, When are you planning to release on the Australian market. I really would like to get one or two please. Thanks

Just saying, amazon.co.uk is NOT European Union since we have to shell out Pounds and not Euros to buy stuff.

Someone from Europe might be able to explain this better but the UK is most definitively a part of the EU. What you are talking about is just a currency exchange. I believe the UK is one of a few country to keep their original currencies when the Euro was developed. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Currencies_of_the_European_Union

granted UK is in European Union. But as far as buying goods is concerned, in the eurozone it makes little to no difference buying from an online store in the US or the UK :)

Why is that? If you buy from the US the shipping will be about $40 and you will have to add duties to that total cost too.

The U.K. Amazon store already has the duties added and there shouldn't be much shipping from the UK. Is there an Amazon prime option for all of the EU or does that only apply to the specific .fr, .es stores?

Patrick, you are 100% right. UK is a part of EU, but they have decided not to change currency to Euro, so in any UK store you will find prices in GBP and not Euro. Also, you are right about duty and taxes - if your product is sold from ANY place that is geographically inside EU, and buyer is also a citizen of ANY EU country, that buyer pays the price declared on Amazon (plus shipping if needed) without any additional taxes or duty etc.
So- it makes A BIG difference if you are an EU citizen buying from the online store that is SITUATED in EU!

I bought 3 of them in the first wave (a friend in US sent it to Europe for me)
I use them really often, its so easy to make a CV Shoot onsite with these. Some other guys here in Austria already bought them too. Thanks for a great product guys

If somebody in Germany or Europe wants just one flash disc I ordered 3 but only need one, so I can sell two units.