The Fstoppers Flash Disc Light Modifier Is Back In Stock

After becoming the best selling off camera flash light modifier on in 2014, we were sad to announce that we had completely sold out of our entire Fstoppers FlashDisc inventory.  If you have been waiting patiently for our stock to replenish wait no more; our US Amazon Store now has a fresh batch of inventory.  For those of you who have been waiting for the FlashDisc in your region of the world, we have good news for you too!

As mentioned above, our inventory with is back in stock and ships anywhere in the United States.  We were hoping to have the FlashDisc sold on for our Canadian friends but the amount of loopholes required for that to happen has left us having to cancel that initial plan.  Luckily our friends at B&H Photo will ship to Canada for a very small fee, and their inventory should be back in stock by the end of the week (they will also ship worldwide for a not so small fee too).  

For our European readers, the FlashDisc is currently being received in the UK Amazon store and will soon be available for fulfillment within any European Union country.  This process has been extremely difficult but we are excited to finally be able to offer the FlashDisc to pretty much everyone in Europe!

During our visit to Singapore for our project with Elia Locardi, we were able to lock down a dealer for the FlashDisc there as well.  Look for the FlashDisc at Artwork Foto (within the Funan Digital Mall) very soon.  We had a blast in Singapore, and it was great meeting so many of our readers in person while we were filming there for our upcoming Cityscape tutorial.  

We are currently traveling through New Zealand as I write this, and we hope to find a distributor in Australia.  If anyone knows of a good camera store that might be interested in receiving some FlashDisc inventory, leave us a recommendation in the comments below.  

With the amazing success of this fun, portable flash modifier, we hope to expand the number of countries we can offer them while still keeping the price reasonable.  While it can appear to be a simple task creating and distributing these collapsible lighting tools, the amount of work we have put into this product from start to finish has been much more involved than I ever would have t,hought.  Lee and I would like to thank everyone for supporting Fstoppers by purchasing the FlashDisc and we know you will find many many uses for it in your own camera bags!

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If you guys ever decide to start selling in South Africa let me know, I'll put you in contact with some reputable camera stores :)

We are currently selling boxes of 50 to camera stores around the world. Let them know

Vanbar Imaging and Photo Continental might be worth looking into as distributors here in Oz , would be great to see Flash Discs available locally..

In UK ?

I love the flash disc, it works much better in reality than the demo video. One off camera kicker with a disc as close fill is a great fast solution, it especially works well in outdoor venues with no ceiling,

Received this as a Christmas gift, and have loved using it. Works great.

Love mine (I have 4!) but I wish you could find a way to include a piece to help hold the disk open when deployed. As currently designed, the flash disk stays pressed together at the top instead of being full open.

This is true. it's not as pretty but we have done plenty of tests and it doesn't effect the light output. In fact, we may end up building it like triangle in the future.

Love it guys. Something I would like to see for future models is maybe having different levels of diffusion with tear away velcro. Thoughts?

Camerapro is a great australian camera store based in brisbane. Give them a go!!

George's Camera on George Street, Sydney CBD.. Please! :)

The irony that it was $50 cheaper to order it from Amazon US as opposed to Amazon UK, including duties & shipping.

Well it isn't available in our UK store yet. I hear the inventory arrives at the end of the week

Would explain why it is showing up from a US supplier. Though $105 incl VAT is a surprise.

I would know me too why it says "Dispatched from CA, United States" and why it costs 92€

I'm not sure what you are referring to. Are you trying to buy it in the US or Europe? Here is the link to the US:

Here is the link to the EU: