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The Fstoppers FlashDisc Is Now Available Throughout Europe

The Fstoppers FlashDisc has become one of the most popular off camera flash modifiers on Amazon and BH Photo. Many of our readers have been asking for international shipping, and I am excited to announce that the FlashDisc is now available through the store.  This means anyone in living throughout the European Union can have the FlashDisc shipped to their country without having to pay for expensive shipping from the US.  

It's been incredibly rewarding to read the reviews and emails from photographers around the world telling us how helpful our little strobe light modifier has been for them.  Lee and I have been using this modifier for the last 7 years of our wedding careers.   While I knew how handy and useful this tool was for on location shoots and fast paced photo events, I never imagined how many photographers would adopt it into their own bag of lighting tricks.  Some of the photos people have emailed us while using the FlashDisc have been absolutely beautiful.  

The most versatile small softbox for speedlights

If you are not familiar with the FlashDisc, you can read about it on our main FlashDisc page.  Basically this collapsible light modifier is the perfect solution for softening the light coming out of your off camera speed light.   While it will not necessarily replace a large 3'x4' softbox, it does change the quality of light enough to make your headshots, bridals, dance photos, and family portrait photographs look significantly better when setting up large studio lights is not a viable option.  Also because of its thin profile, the FlashDisc is much easier to use in crowded situations than large light modifiers like softboxes and octaboxes.  This makes it perfect for wedding receptions, busy night clubs, and even small studio spaces where you still need soft light but do not have room for cumbersome studio softboxes.  

Manufacturing something like the FlashDisc has been indefinitely more difficult than I would have ever imagined when we first decided to make this product available to the public 3 years ago.  We are excited to open up the European market, and in time, we hope to make the FlashDisc available in even more markets around the world.  Thanks for everyone who has encouraged us to move forward with our first ever tangible product, and we would like to thank everyone who has made it possible for us to continue to offer the FlashDisc to the public in large quantities.  

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Daniel Ott's picture

Yup. I finally got my hands on one, spotted them finally in stock on Amazon UK and quickly bought one in fear they were going to sell out instantly. It's everything I thought it would be and will no doubt come in very handy. Great little product guys!

Patrick Hall's picture

We shipped 1000 units to so they will sell out in the next 3-6 months I'd guess. It's tough dealing with customs, VAT taxes, and inventory in another country but I'm glad we were able to get a bunch of these over there.

Ivo Ivanov's picture

And why the price in Europe is near 2 times bigger? May be European units have some kind of gold finish?

Patrick Hall's picture

It isn't 2 time more expensive....Europe charges a VAT tax that we have to add so we had to add that plus some import taxes as well. Everything in Europe is more than the US. Last time I was in London people told me it was cheaper to buy a transcontinental flight to NYC and do their Christmas shopping there than shop in London and pay the VAT....guess that's the nature of the beast

Daniel Ott's picture

Strangely the UK prices have already dropped from £50 to £43, that'll teach me for jumping in early! :)

Patrick Hall's picture

Just private messaged you about this

Felix Barjou's picture

really need one to make a review of it

Aaron Gilpin's picture

Finally! I wish other U.S. comapys would do this, (holdfast gear, mag mod) yes the UK price is more we don't call it rip off Britain for nothing, on the other hand at least our healthcare is free for everyone

Kaj Sennelöv's picture

How much would the shipping to Finland be? I can't seem to find it on the amazone website before putting my credit card information...

Patrick Hall's picture

I'm not sure off hand but most EU countries seem to be shipping for $8. It might vary based on Euros/Pounds and the distance but it def isn't the $60 it was costing to ship from the US. You should be able to put your credit card in and get to the final steps and see a shipping fee before hitting the confirmation button.

Kaj Sennelöv's picture

Ok, great! thanks Patrick.

Robert Earnshaw's picture

Off topic but what is that bag in the background?

Robert Earnshaw's picture

Thank you :)

Jakob Lehner's picture

When will it be available at

Patrick Hall's picture

We are not having fulfill any flashdiscs directly. You can order through the store though and they will ship anywhere in the EU.