Final Chance to Buy the Fstoppers Flash Disc Light Modifer in Europe

This is some rather sad news I have to bring everyone. At the moment there are only 500 FlashDisc units left in our Amazon UK store and we will not be replenishing them once they are sold out. We are currently sold out of the FlashDisc in the US (more coming in the next 2 weeks), but because of logistics and the amount of administrative work it takes selling a product in another country, we will not be replenishing our Amazon UK store once inventory is sold out. 

The FlashDisc has been a massive success and it has been exciting seeing photographers all over the world adapt it into their camera bags. Our hopes were that photographers anywhere in the world could easily buy this speedlight modifier but at some point the headaches that come with distributing are just not worth the effort. That being said, we still have a few brick and mortar camera stores throughout the world that are selling the FlashDiscs, and we would love to continue offering fulfillment through them if they are interested. If you live in a region not fulfilled by the Amazon UK store (any country NOT in the EU), feel free to leave us a comment with the name of a camera store in your area and maybe we can send a drop shipment to them.  

For everyone in the US, thank you so much for your support of our first and only physical product. Lee and I never imagined we would commercially release this flash modifier that we have been using for over 8 years now. It has been beyond our wildest dreams to read the reviews and see the images many of you are taking with the FlashDisc!  Who would have ever thought? 

As I mentioned above, we are currently sold out completely and our next shipment should be available before the end of the month. I hope by November 1st you can find more units in both our Amazon store as well as the BH Photo website. Singapore should have more in stock as well so stay tuned for that announcement.  

If you have never heard of the FlashDisc before now, here are two videos below that show you how you can use these small portable softboxes to improve your off camera flash lighting. You can also read a ton of reviews on our Fstoppers Flash Disc produce page and even more reviews on the US Amazon Store page.  


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Fritz Asuro's picture

I will just have to wait for the day that it'll be available internationally or me traveling to US (wishing there are stocks)

Patrick Hall's picture

Where are you located?

Fritz Asuro's picture

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Patrick Hall's picture

Ah, yes I wish we could get some there. Do you know any camera companies there? The only connection I have is Gulf Photo Plus but they don't sell products. Is it a pain getting orders shipped from Singapore since we have inventory there (we are out but we will have more there soon)?

Fritz Asuro's picture

That would be great if that happens!
GPP does sell products! They have a store on their page selling stuff.
Other respected retailers here are Advance Media Trading (known more as AMT) & Light House Studio.

I shoot events a lot for a huge publication and usually work with a off cam flash on my left hand. I tried a lot of light modifiers but most are bulky and heavy which is difficult for a fast paced job like mine. The closest I got to your product is the Rouge flash bender with the diffusion panel - still heavy.