The Wednesday Rundown 1.26.11

Howdy, and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week we have a great spread of video sent in by some readers. We have a couple of fashion shoots and a great winter sports shoot. So instead of going outside and wondering if you will lose a finger to frost bite sit back and get some ideas for future shoots from these videos. If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.

Fashion Shoot:

I love the location for this shoot. This video makes the trees and tall grass pop, we are missing final images on this video but you can get an idea how they would turn out.

Ski Shoot:

I really like the sports shoot. This makes me want to go skiing with my gear and talking my buddies into doing / attempt some professional ski moves. Check out this video and the great final image.

Commercial Shoot:

This video is for a men's hair product. Lots of great shots of falling locks of hair around a male face... Yep, the male models get a little makeup also. Take a look.

Waterfall Shoot:

What a great background for a girl in a bikini! I love the scene for this shoot and the model.

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I found photos from first video on Nathan's blog, check them out:

There are some images from the first video on Nathans website: Don't know whether they're from that particular testshoot but they look very similar.

Ha - love the ceiling mounted hair-dryers on the commercial shoot ~ 1:38. Like a hyperglyde system. Gear freak ? yes guilty as charge ;)


Great wednesday rundown this week, guys! I specially liked the Waterfall Shooting - simple, but beautiful lighting :) Congrats to Brandon and Elly!!!

I'm a big brazilian fan of since almost 01 year, but I've never seen such a GREAT music-related video like this one! If you're not publishing it, you guys should at least take a look at it - simply fantastic!!

By the way, congrats also for the website, man. You're the best! You rock!

BEST regards,


Great finds as usual fellas. I always find myself dissecting their lighting setups to see what I'd do differently. Respect to these creatives for allowing us to take a peek at their BTS action. It's invaluable to see photogs in action!

Patrick and Lee> When can we see the new Peter Hurley Vid? Can't wait to see what you all did!

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It's great that sports shoot can find space between 3 fashion/portrait videos :) And congrats to other 3 videos, amazing work, and good shoot videos.

Yeah, it's nice to see spring/summer-like videos to get our minds off of all this snow and cold weather.

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Glad everyone is enjoying these videos! Jerrit does a lot of work going through our emails to find the best of the week. Keep sending them in guys! More summertime shoots on the way :)

The video from the fashion shoot is awesome! FOr anyone who is interested looks like a 7d or 60d line for the shooting and I would assume the video. Great finds!

Isaiah Haynes is the MAN when it comes to video. Thanks big Ike!

wasnt a fan of the 1st vid until i saw the results, thanks tony for finding the link, now i like! liked the waterfall shoot as well, i kept of getting flashbacks to zoolander in the hair video!

Hey Everyone,

I produced/art directed the shoot in the first video. Here's some additional images from the shoot as well:


Can i ask kind of a dumb question...
In the first video "Heavy and Lite", What is the first lens he is using?

I enjoyed watching each video. Just as a personal thought, I wish I were within walking distance from those falls, very beautiful and seemed very safe for the model to go across the entire area. Have a great weekend everyone.