This Photographer Set up a Blind Date Photoshoot: Subjects Meet for the First Time and Pose Together

This Photographer Set up a Blind Date Photoshoot: Subjects Meet for the First Time and Pose Together

Would you be brave enough to go on a blind date, knowing the entire thing is being caught on camera? One photographer is holding innovative blind date photoshoots during which the subjects pose together in engagement-style photos which have seen some couples generate genuine chemistry.

Indiana-based Lindsey McCaffry, of McCaffry Photography LLC, is the mastermind behind the bold idea. She appealed to singletons who were looking for love and willing to take part, and after being inundated with offers, soon paired applicants Karmon Waite, 32, and Daniel Allen, who turned 27 on the day of the shoot.

The shoot brief, which everyone involved agreed to beforehand, involved posing atop a motorcycle, and getting wet in the creek. Every moment was captured by McCaffry and her team, including the first time the potential couple laid eyes on each other.

The images have since gained traction online, with over 58,000 likes on McCaffry’s Facebook post alone, with many commenters saying they felt like engagement photos of a couple that had been together for several year. McCaffry wrote:

I felt like I was watching a “real life movie” with those insanely passionate kisses. ‘A huge thank you to these two for being so brave. You stepped way outside your comfort zone last night and trusted us completely. We can’t thank you enough!!! No matter the outcome we all had a blast and made new friends. A night we will never forget.

Since the date just over a week ago, the pair have been texting. Watch this space!

See more of McCaffry's work at her website and Facebook page.

All images courtesy McCaffry Photography LLC, and used with permission.

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user 65983's picture

I'm just posting this here to remember to come back and see what everyone else says.

Jon The Baptist's picture

OK this is kinda fun

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

Great idea. But, I almost wonder about the ones where the couples didn't quite jive.

Deleted Account's picture

"engagement-style photos which have seen some couples generate genuine chemistry"

Does not surprise me. Ballroom dancing, my friends, where you actually are close to your partner.

Tamas Nemeth's picture

good idea, probably the worst timing in many years (due to the pandemic)

William Nicholson's picture

Now this is a great idea. Truly a positive story and a way to lift the spirits of all of us during theses rather trying times. Maybe this will set off a new trend with photographers all over the world and bring a little happiness to the world. God only knows we need some happiness right now. Way to go Lindsey.

Cat Milton's picture

Ha! Not often a photography post elicits a HUGE grin from me - quite a charming set of images and I like the idea behind it all (although, yes, the old cynic in me feels for those 'couples' that didn't uh, gel... ) Still, I can still feel my grin. How refreshing.

Deleted Account's picture

One would have to feel a bit sorry for all the blank or disappointed looks on people's faces .....

Robert Nurse's picture

I like the concept! Something like this would really help relax a blind date. I'm just wondering about some of the more intimate shots. For a blind date, things must have really worked out well. I just wonder about the awkward ones.

Oluwaseun Asade's picture

Engagement shoot on first date interesting concept

David Leøng's picture

I thought this was going to be a Mango Street or Jessica Kobeissi video