The Wednesday Rundown 2.9.11

Howdy, and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. We have a great assortment of videos today. Rob sent us in a good collection, Thanks! Check out the streampunk and male underwear shoot. Yep the underwear shoot one turns out pretty good. If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.

Underwear Shoot:

What a amazing background in this shoot. Also we have some pretty serious lighting with these pictures. Pretty cool setup over the water.

Steampunk Shoot:

Very nice production from start to finish. You get to see the prep work and the shoot. The venue really makes this shoot work.

Lighting Tutorial:

A tutorial where the photographer walks us through the different lighting for models. Nice how he explains his vision for each model and the lighting vision.

Beauty Shoot:

A very colorful photo shoot with butterfly props. The background does some funky things.

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I want to know what the music is in the SteamPunk video. That was awesome! That pictures turned out sweet as well

@Scott: The music from the steam punk video is made by Adam James Cuz and is called Energetic Pumping. It's nearly impossible to get hold of, but i managed in the end.

Found it slightly out of place for this video, works alot better for this one:

It's probably NSFW ;) Since it's an underwear commercial

In the beauty shoot: WOW if that's not his girlfriend the photographer just made a really intrusive move at 3:25.

Does anyone know how long it takes to receive the confirmation email for the forum? I've tried to register several times, but haven't ever received and email.

Is it just me or was the photographer in the 4th video was very unprofessional?

Wesley, your not the only one having that thought. But some os his other work seems Cool!

Kinda funny lens choice for potrait's. Look's like a 28-300?

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@blake, for some reason the emails are sometimes taking up to 36 hours to send. I'm looking into it though, email us with your username and I'll over ride the system.

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About the fourth shoot, Stephen Eastwood (the photographer) is actually married to the model right now, he proposed last year, during that shoot they were probably only dating, but it does explain why he's so familiar with her. Since everyone was wondering.