The Wednesday Rundown 3.17.10

Hello it is Jerrit again and welcome back to another Wednesday Rundown.  Where I post videos that the crowd at Fstoppers sent in to us.  I pick my favorite videos of the week and slap them up in the middle of the week.  This week we have a great portrait sunset photo shoot from Simeon Sen, and even a shoot from a non profit. Check them out! Continue to send us your own videos or those you find on the net, .

Portraits at Sunset : Stefan Simonsen

Great behind the scenes of a sunset photo shoot. Shows some great lighting and awesome background. Check out more work done by Stefan.

Help Portrait - Brooklyn, NY

Help portrait is a non profit that gives back to people in need. Many of these people have never had a professional photo taken. Check out some of their work and website. Great to see photographers giving back!

Cycling Shoot on Location : Michael Schulz

An on location photo shoot with a cyclist. Some cool action photos and lighting used here.  Hit the link for some more of Michael's work.

Philadelphia 76ers : Michael Spain-Smith

The Sixers Dancers sport their performance costumes for a shoot with photographer Michael Spain-Smith.

Poppy Field Photography : Gavin

Gavin takes us out on a quick photo shoot in a poppy field. Giving us a couple quick tips and showing us some great finished product. Check out Gavin's flickr from the shoot.

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I loved the video from Simone Sen, he really wants to share everything, I loved the Help-Portrait idea and execution, and the Michael Schulz's one is funny and interesting, anyway the Michael Spain-Smith is nice but miss some more info and the last one is so boring but still useful for those who needed advise on this field, and again, thanks for sharing!

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

Thanks for the feed back. Trying to get a mix of stuff in there. Send some stuff our way if you find anything!

Larry Sanders's picture

My son is racing bikes again this year, and I was going to some pics of him on the bike. The Michael Schulz video was a great help with all the tips. Thanks for posting!

Hi, don't know how one can read my name as Simeon/Simone Sen - you can see it correctly spelled in the first seconds as SIMONSEN I photo ;-)

So the full name is Stefan Simonsen.

BTW: fstoppers is a really great mix of usual videos. Thank you for looking through the tons of videos to find the ones that are really helpfull for photographers! .-)

Stefan Simonsen