The Wednesday Rundown 3.31.10

Hello this is Jerrit Pruyn from Fstoppers with.... you guessed it, another Wednesday Rundown.  While Patrick and Lee are out in Colorado filming another Fstoppers Original, I figured I'd feature some of the best videos sent in by our readers. This week we have a little salsa dancing going on and even some muscle cars burning out. Big thanks to the people at Wonderful Machine and the videos they rounded up online. Keep sending in your video links to and maybe next week you will find yourself on Fstoppers! Drop me some comments if you like what you see and remember to tell your friends to start filming all their photoshoots so I can post them.

Souls Harbor Album cover shoot

Josh Branstetter shoots Souls Harbor Album cover

Souls Harbor Album cover shoot from jabberpics on Vimeo.

Salsa Dancing Photo Shoot

Lehigh Valley Mall's fall photo shoot,  featuring a little salsa dancing.

Shooting General Lee : Douglas Sonders

A car photo shoot with the General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard. Giving us a little burn out for effects at the end.

Photo Shoot : Manuel Mauer

This guy is back again. I love how he puts his final pictures at the bottom of the vimeo page, it is nice to see how it turn out!

50er Jahre Film noir Photoshooting - Strobist Style from Manuel Mauer on Vimeo.

Superhero Shoot : Tanit Sakakini

A superhero shoot where even the photographer gets dressed up. I like it. The final product turns out nice.

MGM Wet Republic Photo Shoot: Dave Hill

A photo shoot with inflatable pool toys and water guns. Seems like a good idea for a photo shoot.

100204 MGM Wet Republic - photo shoot from Dave Hill on Vimeo.

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