The Wednesday Rundown 5.11.11

Howdy, and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. Thanks for everyone sending in videos. It is great to see what the crowd is creating out there. Check out the unique engagement shoot in the grocery store and the senior photos taken in Oregon. If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.

Engagement shoot:
Still Light Photo sent us in a video with a creative and different atmosphere for an engagement session. I love the way this video and pictures capture the couple in every day events. The lighting is very simple, a speed light and umbrella are used. Check out their blog to see more pictures.

Senior Pictures:
Jimmy takes us and a senior on a beautiful island in Oregon, for a stunning backdrop to her senior photos. The lighting is natural light, it really brings a warmth to the photos. To see more photos more photos head over to

Behind the scenes seniors - Brooke - By Jimmy Hickey from jimmy hickey on Vimeo.

Fashion Shoot:John Galfano takes us on a male and female fashion shoot. While flashing inside, it appears he used natural lighing only once they get outside. The phots in the alley look great. Check out John's website site to see more.

BTS Photo Shoot with Deven & Laila from #95 on Vimeo.

Outlet Maul:
Nicholas takes his free times and puts it to use... I really enjoy the great detail that goes into this photo compilation. Everything thing is planned and executed. Let this video get your creative juices flowing.


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One of the better WRD I've seen! Outlet Maul was a great video!

Patrick Hall's picture

We've been getting some excellent videos lately and I think Jerrit is trying to remind Kenn why the WR has been the most popular feature on Fstoppers for so long :)

Andreas Feustel's picture

Thanks for this collection of viedos! I like especially Outlet Moul from the current WDR.

Fstoppers is my favorite photographers blog in the internet!


Andreas (Germany)

The second video could use some sensor cleaning. I thought my screen was dirty until I realized it was the video's sensor. ewwww