The Wednesday Rundown 5.18.11

Howdy, and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. A Fstoppers reader sent in his video of a shoot in a bike park. There are some great shots that were frozen, He has a very good portfolio of actions shots to check out after the video. There is also a unique stop motion BTS shoot, that is both creative in the way it was documented and the final images. If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.

Single Shot Music Video:
We had a musician send this video in, the video is great and yes it is just a music video. However it was done in one shot with a 5DmkII, pretty good outcome to have been done in one shot. I think we need to re-evaluate the complications we put ourselves in at times when using video. Glad to see other media format artists checking out the site. Simple can turn out amazing… with a prime 1.4. Good or bad, what do you think?

Bike Park:
These guys gain access to an indoor bike park and have at it with some photo gear. If you look at Luka Travas’ website you will see many images of action shots on bikes. They are worth a look!

Photo session with Kristijan Mrak from Luka Travas on Vimeo.

Fashion Shoot:
A fashion session with some intensive make up and hair work prior to the shoot. The model is laid down on an interesting textured floor and has gold flakes sprinkled down on her. The final images turn out solid.

Stop Motion Video:
This video catches my eye and makes me watch it again and again. This is a behind the scenes photo shoot, the final images are at the end, however the whole video is done very well and different. I love the rough cuts and stop motion look to the video. Check out more of their work on the web .

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 I really liked the skate park one! That last one though a cool way of doing a BTS video I really have an issue with photographers sitting in a frickin chair having assistants doing everything. Sure he is directing them but it looks like so passionless...Maybe I say this because I have never been there but it still seems fundamentally wrong :P

 Chase Jarvis' conversation with Vincent laForet sheds some very clear light on the whole concept of how much you do vs. how much your assistants do - basic premise being that the most important thing for the photographer is executing your vision and at a certain level you'll get much better results thinking only about that and having other people deal with a lot of the more tedious parts.

i liked the bike park too, but i really loved

Filmed with: Canon 1D mk4, 17-40mm, 15mm fisheye, 70-200mm, Manfrotto tripod
super talented this Luka Travas

Nice song mister Jordan Craig.. starts off a little slow but still good. Camera work could've been smoother.

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being one of the said 'assistants' in the  video above I will bring to the discussion the following points:

1. first hand vouch for the passion and intensity that BrakhaX2 bring to a shoot.
2. there are two "photographers/creatives" involved and one of them doesn't like sitting very much.
3. as thomas brought up from chase and vincent - as a creative you sometimes have to let other people do the work so you  can think (that doesn't mean expect them to and not help out). At the end of the day isn't that what assistants are hired for?
4. it takes a team effort to produce a major idea/production and each role from shlepping to creating is played out by a particular team member ala motion pictures.

hope that help clarify things.


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We've been using the 5D quite a bit for video production and also have a single shot music video under our belt!  Ours is a bit more complicated than Jordan's however:

Shot on the 5D with a 24-70mm f2.8L.  One single continuous dolly track.