The Wednesday Rundown 6.23.10

Welcome to the Wednesday Rundown.

Lately I have been working my way to shooting my first wedding on my own. I have assisted Lee and Patrick several times but I have not felt confident enough to put someone's special day in my hands yet. This week I had the chance to check out a workshop in NYC to hopefully put me closer to my goals. Check the forum out to see what tip I learned . Now for some videos to get myself and you through the rest of the week.

Thanks again for the comments everyone.

High Speed Photography:

These guys blew me away with their approach to this photo. You must check out how they triggered the flash to get a great photo. I like it.

Sunday Fun: Model Shoot

Watch this team put together a set, apply make up to the model and knock out a shoot. They do some unique shooting with some plastic panels also.  A bit NSFW on some parts, just a heads up.

Strawberry Splash:

Here is a shoot of a quick shot of a strawberry splash. I have seen some great photos come out of this, check out the behind the scenes video to this one. This will be something I attempt one weekend.

Beauty Photo Shoot:

This team knocks out a beauty shoot and takes us through the post processing. These guys really know their stuff with photoshop. Check out the magic they work.

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The "Sunday Fun: Model Shoot" video is my favorite. Shows all you need to know.

Very cool wednesday rundown. I really liked that photoshop work, guy is talented :)

Yeah the Sunday Fun video was cool, there's some times you might want to fast forward but the result is really interesting!!