The Wednesday Rundown 6.8.11

This week we have Lindsey Lohan's last photo shoot before hitting up her mug shots. This shoot has some huge light modifiers and a photographer with a unique portfolio. We also have a fashion shoot with a berry farm as the backdrop. If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.

Lindsey Lohan:

This video has some major gear. The lighting is hotter then Lindsey in this video. Check out the last video of a shoot with Lindsey before she started doing some time. See other work done by the photographer, the site has some unique fashion photos.

Berry Farm Shoot:

Sometimes even before I see a photo I can tell the shoot is going to be great. This is one of them, a gorgeous blue berry field surrounded by lush greens. Seems like a great place to have as a backdrop. This shoot was done by Sarah Shaw.

Photo Edit:

David Teran sent us in a interesting video of a unique photo edit. I enjoyed seeing how the pictures and concept came together as I watched him edit the final photo. To see more of his work slide by his site.

Video Edit from David Teran on Vimeo.

The Chase:

Jon Thorpe and his team take us through a concept shoot they executed. The shoot has a good guy / bad guy theme that takes place in a abondoned warehouse. The last couple of photos have a kicked up dust look on the edges that looks good. To see more of Jon's work check out .

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wow that first video was SOOOOO busy!!!! ugh! why would anyone make a video like that?! eyes HURT.

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

yeah there was a lot going on there

Nicholas Gonzalez's picture

I really enjoyed David Teran's video. The music selection was perfect and gave an airy, lighthearted feel to the image. 

gp's picture

Cool and seizure inducing first video, no idea why so many people on sets...seems the photographer is more of a celebrity than the celebrity! :)

Thats the cheap 10 foot Profoto Parabolic i think in the first video ...

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

I read they lined it with real silver for this shoot.

Lindsay actually dated that female of that photography duo. Markus Klinko and Indrani are a duo like Mert & Marcus. 

Roland Hernandez's picture

Great job on David Terans part for thinking of the concept and executing with photoshop but I have to say that maybe next time he would like to have the female model wear some shorts or a jeans...

If this was from the same episode I saw, Lohan was so late getting there.  To the tune of hours and she almost blew it off completely.  Most of the day was totally wasted and all those people were on the clock.  After about a half hour I would have said 'pack it up' we're outta here.  I got no time for self-entitled brats.

The first video demonstrated the sorry state of pop music... it's the same 4 chords. rinse & repeat.

jonathan thorpe's picture

so happy that my vid made it here thanks guys i hope you enjoyed the video!

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

Thanks for sending it in Jonathan!

Thanks for posting my video! The photo shoot was so much fun. I'm glad to get a look around your website! Happy Thursday! -Sarah DeShaw

Thanks for posting my video! 

@Roland... she "was" wearing shorts, lol. I didn't think you could see too much, anyways! Haha.