The Wednesday Rundown 8.3.11

Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week check out a great rain shoot that has some great instructional teachings. The photographer takes us though each light setup and the effect it gives the final image. We also have our first BTS contest submission. Check it out! If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.

Battle on the Race Track:

We received our first BTS video for the contest! Honestly this one is very creative and I love the details Marc took. Check out his work in the video and online .

Rain Effect:

Photographer Jay, of The Slated Lens, takes us through a very informative rain shoot. He breaks down the effects and lighting to a fine detail. He show the different lighting models he was planning on using. This is the kind of information we love getting for BTS videos. Enjoy the video.

Rack Focus

A very cool focusing trick for DSLR video users. Watch how Michael shows us the cheap and easy way to "rack focus". This is something to think about next time you try to do a quick focus change from memory.

Olympic Shoot:

Jeroen Nieuwhuis - shows us a quick shoot he did with an olympic athlete. He uses a simple two light set up to freeze the athlete in motion. See his final images at the end of the video.

Rachel Klamer Photoshoot - Behind the Scenes from Erik Journee on Vimeo.

Photo Interview"

An interview with John Cropper a photographer showing his first public art show. John talks about what how he started and what he likes to shoot. Check out more of his photojourlist work

Day 05 - Clark Kent meets Peter Parker meets Local Farmer from Grant Peelle on Vimeo.

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Love the rack focus tip, but Jeroen Nieumwhuis..... really? 19 years old??  WOW!  What an amazing talent at such a young age...

Jeroen Nieuwhuis's picture

Thank you Curtis! I will turn 20 in 20 days haha! And my name is Jeroen NIEUWHUIS, Fstoppers spelled it wrong hehe.

My apologies then for not catching it from your website!  I'm now a big fan and glad to have come across your work.  Thanks for sharing your talent!

Jeroen Nieuwhuis's picture

Apologies accepted haha! Thank you for these kind words, you made my day :) Where can I see your work? I'm curious!

Fantastic work! These guys are really raising the bar in terms of creative possibilites. 

John Cropper and the rack focussing videos are my favorites this time around. Also I think the rain effect is a repost.... if I'm not mistaken.

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

sorry about the repost

Hey I love what you guys do! and the video is good enough for at least 2 posts ;) I'm sure lots of people saw it this time that otherwise might never have seen it.

A wonderful Wednesday Rundown. Excellent 1st contest submission. Creative, informative and deceptively simple! The image looks great. And I love the Rack focus tutorial. There are so many do-it-yourself tutorials out there, but few of them are practical if not usable. This tutorial great because it makes so much sense, especially for people shooting skits where the scene and shots can be lined up before rolling.  Thanks to those who submitted and fstoppers for posting! I'm fired up!

Jay, from the Slated Lens - next time could we have the music at a lower volume please - quite hard to hear some parts of your great video. Thanks for sharing it.

Being inspired by the first movie here I went and did my own toy car shoot :)

Toy racer.

Thank you Marc Kuyer.