The Wednesday Rundown 8.4.10

Hello everyone and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week an Fstoppers fan asked me if I was going to keep with the National theme of the week. I then said, "I am now, thanks for the idea Alex". So welcome to The Shark Week Wednesday Rundown. Also thanks to Arturo for finding a really cool video on the 5D.

Tiger Shark:

Some how I found it a bit difficult to find a photo shoot with sharks. Might be a good one to add to your portfolio, please shoot some video while doing it also.  Check out this clip and watch these divers / photographers fight off a Tiger shark. We learn what not to do before diving with sharks in this video.

Water Photography:

This video shows us a water photo shoot done in a studio. The guy is hard to understand at times, might not be in English at some parts, however these final products turn out great. Pictures can be found on this link (NSFW) .

Canon 5D Mark II Samples:

A great video showing many samples shots with a great line up of Canon lenses. This will give you an idea what video looks like through all that glass. Click the link to check out the video on Canon's page .

Trash The Dress:

A great shoot that break down each pictures lighting. Great use of fill lights on these shots!

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No prob Jerrit ;-)

I think Mark de Roo (Water Photography video) is from the Netherlands so he speaks Dutch.

Some subtitles could be cool for the water video (which is really good btw). Love the last one !

Seemed to me like a fairly nice Rundown this week