The Wednesday Rundown 9.15.10

Hello everyone and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This weekend I learned one of my weaknesses, being able to give direction. Wow, this is something I got the chance to learn while shooting a friends engagement shoot. While working as a second shooter the main photographer directs everything and makes it look easy. I finally got the ball rolling a bit and with some more practice I will feel more at ease while helping couples or even just a model strike a pose. I have found a couple videos on posing for photographers and models.

Instructing Models To smile:

A video that walks us through working with a model to get a laughing smile and a normal smile. Interesting how much this guy breaks down the details he is looking for in each.

Posing and directing tips:

A very simple video giving tips on posing and directing. Hopefully this will be a launching board to another poses for yourself.

Model Posing:

A model takes us through some poses she likes to use during a shoot. As a photographer we need to know these techniques as much as the models do.

Teen Shoot:

A photographer does a shoot with some teens. Great clean images come out of this shoot check it out. Cool warehouse location for the shoot.

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Thank you! These are exactly what I needed to see. I've been meaning research more about giving direction and suggesting poses. People always ask me what to do and I never really know what to say.

The last video was excellent.


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Great video on directing a model to smile :)

Love the Lime video - amazing how much make-up is used for a child but the results are beautiful and pretty/girlie. Great lighting and love the idea of kicking up the dust/dirt in the background.

Cheers :)

Great advice. Now I know where to go to for prep before we have our next fashion shoot.

Thanks for the tip.. the posing video was useful in particular

These are great Jerrit thanks! I always enjoy The Wednesday Rundown.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. I would love to hear about some other things you would want to see.