The Wednesday Rundown 9.26.12

The Wednesday Rundown 9.26.12

Howdy everyone and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This week we have a shoot using a beauty dish and reflector on the streets of Brooklyn for Chance Blak's new EP cover. Also check out the Arthur St John swimsuit shoot. If you have a great and informative video you want to see in the Wednesday Rundown please shoot me an email .

Musician Shoot:
Jon Thorpe takes musican Chance Blak out on the streets on Brooklyn to knock out a shoot for his new EP. Jon uses a combination of beauty dish and reflector to give Chance his rock star look.

Swimsuit Shoot:
Photography Arthur St John shoots beautiful model Roxy Sanchez on the cliffs on the ocean. With a stunning background and model these final images look great.

Torture Photo Shoot:
Nothing like some gore to change it up a little bit. Photographer Justin Crain brings to life the nightmares of plenty of people. With halloween around the corner maybe this will inspire some photo shoots?

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jonathan thorpe's picture

ah thank you guys!

George Socka's picture

Roxy - yes. starting to get cold here in teh Great White North

George Socka's picture

is that a 17-40 lens? why?

Really poor post production work on the swimsuit shoot.

Fabian Pourmand's picture

I believe we need more educational BTS stuff... No more of this music video stuff...

Ero's picture

Roxy pictures are great, BUT retouching is not so good, gone over the edges on body when "clone stamping", plastic skin with no "terrain", not real body curves with overused liquify filter and etc., I guess now days industry has learned for better and more realistic retouching, time to catch up :)))
That's 2 cents from :)