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The First Real World Nikon D600 ISO Test

I was planing on eventually buying a D600 but when I saw yesterday that they were “in stock” and ready to ship from Amazon, I bought one. I’m a Prime member so I get free 2 day shipping but for just $3.99 more they gave me over-night shipping. Patrick was over at my place packing for a wedding this weekend when the camera came in and we decided to quickly compare the cameras ISO performance to the D800[more]

Nikon D600 Kicks Canon Off DXOMark’s Score Card

As a Nikon user, I remember a time when I envied everything Canon. A few years ago, Canon had the best DSLR video, their cameras were the fastest, and they were the absolute kings of high ISO. Today DxOMark has released their review of the new Nikon D600, and to everyone’s surprise it has the 3rd best overall DSLR sensor in the land (beats the D4). More shocking is not a single Canon camera is in the top 10. Has Canon dropped the ball or is DxOMark unbelievably biased? [more]

Sample Video Footage from the Canon 6D

With the video capabilities of DSLRs constantly increasing, we have come to expect a lot from new releases. The Canon 6D doesn’t disappoint. Much like the newest Nikon D800 you’ll have more creative control over depth of field as well as full manual control over exposure and audio levels. Check this sample footage from the recently announced Canon 6D. Do you think it competes with the Canon 7D or the 5DMK III? [more]

Is The Nikon D600 Priced Too High For Its Features?

If there was one thing that people are unanimously saying about Nikon’s new D600 “budget” full frame camera, it’s that the price is entirely too high. No matter which blog you read, it seems everyone cannot believe the MSRP of $2,099.95. But are these claims valid? Does Nikon’s smallest full frame DSLR really lack the features that professionals desire? In the full post I’ll tell you why I just bought two of these cameras and why the price seems just right. [more]

Nikon D600 Officially Announced!

Whether or not this is the camera for you, the Nikon D600 (early BH preorders here) is certainly one of the most anticipated cameras of the year and, just in time for the holiday season, is sure to be in many of your hands by the new year. All the specs, the price, and opinions after the break. [more]

Nikon D600 — All the Details!

Nikonrumors.com reports on a leak that has all the Nikon D600 info we’ve been waiting for! Check out how this new camera can help you enter into the full-frame market. [more]

Has Your Memory Card Ever Failed?

I’ve always been more afraid of human error than a memory card error and because of this I always shoot weddings with 1 card per camera. Now that I shoot with D800s, the 36mp raw files require a 64gb card per camera. In 8 years I’ve shot hundreds of weddings and I’ve never had any sort of card error and I’ve never lost a file. What about you? [more]

More Nikon D600 Specs!!!

We have a few more specs now that we’re getting closer to Photokina, and they’re pretty exciting… Get ready for an entirely new and incredibly affordable full-frame camera! [more]

Joe McNally Explains Softbox Grids and How To Gel Your Flash

Adorama TV has been mixing up their youtube channel lately, and this week features the TTL acrobatics of Joe McNally. Joe walks you through a typical street portrait as he accentuates the natural ambient light with a single speedlight gelled red. The more useful tip Joe gives is how to control the spill of your large softlight with an “egg crate” or softbox grid. I’m still shocked he pulled this shot off using only the Nikon D800 pop up flash acting as commander.

New Canon DSLRs?

Canon has a few things on the horizon, potentially. One thing is for sure, there’s some kind of high-megapixel camera like the Nikon D800. But recent rumors prove this could up the game to an entirely new level… [more]

Alien Skin Exposure 4: Our Favorite Photo Enhancing Plugin

I’ve been a big fan and user of Alien Skin Exposure software for many years now. A couple months ago Alien Skin asked if I would review their newest version of the software and although it took me quite a while, I’m finally done. Basically, Alien Skin has taken what I have always considered to be the best photo enhancing software available and they have made it even better. [more]

Sinar’s New Medium Format Back

Sinar’s new Sinarback eXact boasts an impressive 12-192-megapixel capabilities within a single back. While it’s just been announced, and so far without a price, there is definitely a catch or two… [more]

And The Winner Of The Facebook Contest Is…

This month we teamed up with SLR Lounge and Kelly Moore for an awesome Facebook Fan giveaway. With an overwheleming number of entries, I’d say this contest was even more successful than last month’s. Without further adieu the winner of this month’s Facebook Fan contest is…. [more]

Only a Few More Days Left to Enter to Win a Lytro Camera

June is the month to win cameras here at Fstoppers. Not only are we giving away a Canon 5D MKIII or a Nikon D800, but until June 26, you can enter to win a Lytro! This tiny little camera got a lot of hype at the end of 2011, and for good reason. It basically redefined what a still image could be and introduced the new light field sensor unit of measurement, the megaray. So join Fstoppers and Camera Awesome as we give one away! [more]

The New MacBook Pro, a Photographer’s Perspective

Blair Bunting is a good friend of mine, and by far one of the best commercial portrait photographers out there today. He just published a blog post regarding the highly lauded (while simultaneously seriously attacked) new MacBook pro with retina display. While the display is absolutely breathtaking, it has a serious disadvantage. Is the display too good? [more]

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