Photographing the World 1

Landscape Photography and Post-Processing

With Elia Locardi

This tutorial will take you from the on-location capture all the way through Elia's post-processing techniques in the studio. To produce a truly unique landscape tutorial unlike any other, we traveled to both Iceland and New Zealand so we could teach lessons in two completely different climates and seasons. From waterfalls and ice caves in Iceland to lakes and ocean sides in New Zealand, Photographing the World has something for everyone interested in landscape photography.

This video tutorial includes
  • 12+ Hours of Video Content
  • 15 On Location and Studio Post-processing Lessons
  • Intro to the Basics of Photography
  • Full RAW files, PSDs, and CaptureONE catalogs
  • 8 Behind the Scenes Episodes
  • Private Facebook Group Access
Download this 12+ hour digital download now
$299.99 has teamed up with Elia Locardi to produce Photographing The World: Landscape Photography & Post-processing. With 15 lessons and more than 12 hours of video content, this tutorial will take you from the on-location capture all the way through Elia's post-processing techniques in the studio.  To produce a truly unique landscape tutorial unlike any other, we traveled to both Iceland and New Zealand so we could teach lessons in two completely different climates and seasons.  From waterfalls and ice caves in Iceland to lakes and ocean sides in New Zealand, Photographing the World has something for everyone interested in landscape photography.  

Meet Elia

Elia Locardi is an internationally acclaimed professional travel photographer, Fujifilm Global Ambassador, writer, public speaker and highly experienced educator who spends his life shooting some of the most beautiful locations in the world. Location independent since March of 2012, he and his wife live a 100% mobile lifestyle, perpetually traveling from country to country, continuously circling the globe. Since he began traveling full-time in 2009, he has visited more than 50 countries and flown over one million miles.

Using a combination of traditional in-camera techniques, targeted times of day, and advanced post-processing methods, Elia has developed a widely recognized and highly unique style of travel photography. With each photograph, his goal is to share his vision so others can see the world as he does, full of color, texture, depth and emotion. Fstoppers is excited to team up with Elia to share his photography process from the moment the image is captured all the way to the final post production rendering.

Here are a couple of Before and After Examples included in the Landscape Photography Tutorial

The full landscape photography tutorial is broken down into 15 lessons, plus an Intro to Gear and Intro to the Basics, which covers all of the gear, scouting tips, composition techniques, and camera settings Elia uses on a daily basis to create his stunning imagery. With the tutorial download, you will also receive access to his RAW files and reference Photoshop PSD files.  This means you can follow along with your own edits as Elia teaches you every step of his streamlined workflow.  From simple layer masking techniques to complex blending with luminosity masks, this tutorial will give you the tools to make stunning landscape photographs yourself. 

This tutorial includes 15 lessons and post processing sessions

What’s included in the Digital Download:

  • 12+ Hours of Video Content (1080p, 23.9fps, H.264 mpg4, over 25GB of material)

  • 15 On Location and Studio Post-processing Lessons

  • Intro to the Basics of Photography

  • Overview of every piece of photography gear Elia uses and why

  • Full RAW files and companion software catalogs so you can follow along (Lightroom, PSD, and CaptureONE)

  • 8 Behind the Scenes episodes of our experiences traveling and filming this incredible project

  • Private Elia Facebook Group access for extended education and photo sharing

Follow along and edit your own versions of each image

For these video tutorials, our goal is for you to be able to jump right in and create world class images from day one. So instead of teaching just the basic buttons, sliders and software, we are going to be working on the actual files we captured together in the field. As we go along, the complexity will ramp up, and new tools and techniques will be added in each lesson as you follow along.  By the end of this tutorial you will know how to use Elia's workflow to produce stunning landscape images of your own.  

What is covered in this tutorial:

  • Photography Basics (ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, White Balance, etc)
  • Overview of best lenses and gear for Landscape photography
  • Tips for better composition
  • Focus Stacking and maximizing depth of field
  • Bracketing and multi exposure blending
  • Graduated Neutral Density Filters
  • Solid Neutral Density Filters
  • Blurring water and skies with long exposures
  • Building Panoramic images
  • Dealing with Sun Flare
  • Understanding Light (Golden Hour, Blue Hour, Sunrise and Sunset)
  • Using lens compression to your advantage
  • Removing and adding the human element into your images
  • Polarizers​
  • Bracketing and multiple exposure blending
  • RAW Processing and Editing Workflow
  • Color correction and image adjustment
  • Basic object removal, painting, and cloning
  • Masking and Layering Techniques
  • Introduction to Luminosity Masking
  • Time Blending (combining exposures shot at different times)

When building the lessons for this tutorial, it was important for us to teach not only the technical aspects of landscape photography but also the creative and subjective artistry that makes this genre so popular.  With this in mind, each lesson contains new challenges and new solutions to help you become better equipped when out in the field.  

Please note that some of the tools that Elia uses during this tutorial have evolved since the time of filming. Specifically, some of the plug-ins are no longer fully supported by Photoshop, so you may need to use workarounds in order to install and utilize them. Additionally some of the plug-ins that previously cost money are now free. If you are interested in a plug-in free workflow, Elia only uses mainstream software in Photographing the World 3.

Bonus Fstoppers Behind the Scenes

As an extra bonus, Lee and Patrick have edited 8 short behind the scenes episode of their travels with Elia and Naomi Locardi.  These videos act as a personal diary through both Iceland and New Zealand, giving you an intimate look into how each lesson was filmed and produced.  Living life out of a suitcase while carrying 100s of pounds of camera gear isn't always the most glamorous lifestyle but it does makes for some great entertainment.

Two Additional Photographing the World Tutorials!

If you are not aware, Photographing the World 1 is only part of the Photographing the World series. If you are new to Elia's work or are looking for the most comprehensive education on landscape and cityscape photography, we have combined multiple tutorials below with additional savings. For more information on either of these other tutorials, head over to the tutorial page for Photographing the World 2 as well as Photographing the World 3.

Meet Your Instructor

About Elia Locardi

Elia Locardi is an internationally acclaimed professional travel photographer, Fujifilm Global Ambassador, writer, public speaker and highly experienced educator who spends his life shooting some of the most beautiful locations in the world. Since he began traveling full-time in 2009, he has visited more than 65 countries, flown nearly 2 million miles, and collaborated with major companies, brands, countries, NGOs, and tourism agencies on nearly every continent.

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Previous comments

Thank you Patrick. This is quite a nice customer service I must call.

Elia, Lee, Patrick,

I am brand new to photography (6months in) and Photoshop has seemed very overwhelming to me so I was reluctant to purchase the tutorial as I felt it would be intimidating. I have to say though, that after even the first tutorial, I was blown away at how clearly you describe and demonstrate your technique. I am midway through now and feel that with each lesson my baby steps are gaining stability and confidence. You guys are doing great work and are much appreciated. The content is world class, and I am pleasantly surprised at how transparent you are with your workflow to show us exactly how to improve our own technique. In just a few videos I have taken leaps past what knowledge I was able to pick up from other videos over several months since starting my journey into this amazing experience of attempting to capture the beauty around us. I feel now, with much help from you, I am beginning to understand how to portray the feelings I have in those moments and be able to hold on to those feelings long after. Once again, thanks so much for all the work that that y'all put into the tutorial and much looking forward to the next.

Wish you all the best,

Alex Anastase

Ps: the behind the scenes are not only entertaining but thoroughly enjoyed getting to see all of y'all's personality and to see how much work goes into creating each lesson. Definitely a Fstopper fan!

I'm so glad to hear that!

I was nervous about buying the tutorial due to the price, but I can honestly say that it was well-worth the money having finished it. I think that Fstoppers has underplayed Elia's background in education just a bit. I'd hesitate to call this a tutorial; it's more of a class. Elia is very active and responsive through social media (the private facebook page), so you get some significant added value through that connection. You can't expect to achieve the same level of learning through youtube, forums, or other free methods.

Do not cheap out on this. People will throw money at gear all day, but I'd wager most people would benefit more from this product than a new lens or camera body. I didn't expect $300 to take me this far.

This is a thoroughly professional product, and I'm eagerly awaiting the release of part two. Thanks for the incredible experience, team!

Yeah that's a good point, Elia was a very esteemed professor early in his career and it was pretty impressive to see how much thought and organization went into his post production planning as well as the planning for each on location shooting. I will have to make sure we hit on that more for the 2nd promo video. Thanks for the kind words Scott and I'm glad you are getting a ton of knowledge out of it.

Thanks for the kind words Scott! I'm really happy to hear you enjoyed the course. My goal was that it would contain a real lesson plan and it's awesome to hear that it showed through. :)

Hi, Great Tutorial. But I WANT the NEXT one , that is introduce in the last lesson of this course !!!
When is it release ?

An advise for the next edition of the curse, You use so many time showing the healing the spot of the sensor in PS,shows ones that it, there are more than 8 minutes in the hole curse showing healing spot, and show one time to export to Lightroom/CaptureOne to PS, not every single lesson.To make the course more agile I think in the lesson of New Zeland, one day it was to impossible to take any picture, and in the lesson on Iceland of the waterfall when you try to take a picture behind the waterfall and it was impossible, I think that part could be in the behind the scenes , not in the lesson !

A tips, that could help you or not.

I'll be wanting the next course of Elia and FStoppers !

The next tutorial is complete and will go on sale the first week of Jan 2016. Elia mixes it up a bit in terms of the software and the overall complexity of the post production so I'm sure there will be lots of new info to learn from.

After deep meditation over the price, I am about to push the button. I did have a question about the USB drive for the $339.99 package. I assume it has all the 12 hours of tutorials offered on the downloaded version... just wanted to confirm.

Yes, the USB version is exactly the same as the normal version only you get a second copy of all the files on a USB drive that is mailed to you. The USB version is to help those who have slow internet connections or are charged per MB from their internet service provider.

i must say that im a studio photograther i only take my cam out when i have to shot concerts, but in concerts i´m alwias on theaters or in a controled and secure area, but know i feel the nead to go out with my cam and make some landscape images...and im still in the midle of the tutorial...
this is a great tutorial, and the best is that almost all that i´ve learn here cam be aplyed to other types of photograthy...

I’m very enjoy when I watch your tutorial. It’s such a great tutorial and amazing locations which has inspired me to follow your footsteps. I’m planning to go to Iceland in the mid of winter 2017. I’d say that your tutorial is informative, educative, good advises from long years of experiences and Inspiring. Thank you for putting everything together. Keep up the good work.

$300 is a lot of money. Based on this overview, it sounds like a huge portion of this tutorial is nothing more than BTS video. Will have to think about this for awhile before deciding to purchase or not.

About 2 hours of the 12 hours is behind the scenes. Most of the video is focused on in location tips for shooting and then the post production of each image in the studio. I agree, $300 is a decent amount of money but when you see how much effort went into this both by FS and Elia I think you will find that it's the best landscape tutorial available.

Incredible educational video. Definitely the most I've learned about post-production in a while. As someone who has self taught themselves photography over the past few months, and whose dream is to live a mobile, travel filled lifestyle making an income through creative/storytelling outlets, Elia's career is definitely something to aspire to.

I notice he has years of experience before being a travel photographer in terms of using Photoshop as well as other VFX and compositing stuff. You can definitely tell how much he knows, and he's able to bring a lot of it across to the viewer here.

My biggest question right now is... I can learn these methods. The key is to know WHEN to use them. I can learn how to create a luminosity mask, how to use a curves adjustment, etc... But when you look at a photograph, how do you know "well ya, this definitely needs X here and Y there?" Right now, I seem to end up doing the same edits to every photograph. Elia, is this just experience? How do you look an image and determine what is needed from a post-production standpoint (besides just the simple exposure bump, shadows/highlights changes, and added contrast)?

Also, I'd love to see a video/blog about how Elia got into this new career, the steps he took to get there, how he found ways to make income, and different ways he's used to make money in his travel photography career. Elia, is this something that exists anywhere or something you've thought about doing? Photography is a medium of storytelling I love and am exploring, and being a traveling storyteller is a dream of mine. I'd enjoy seeing how you made that happen.

If I purchase this tutorial, will the upcoming cityscape be part of this package or do i need to pay again?

The Cityscape tutorial is a completely separate training session. It will focus on much more complex shooting situations as well as more difficult post processing. Elia also focuses on Capture One as the primary RAW Processing engine compared to Lightroom in this one. We will offer a discount for both purchased together and for those who bought the first tutorial.

now next u guys should team up with some wildlife photographer to explore Africa
or walk n shoot Pacific Crest Trail n make an epic pure American landscape n nature photography guide/tutorial

Great training. The best on landscape post processing. I have been in two tours with Elia Locardi in Italy (April 2015) and Iceland(October 2015) and learn from him how to take the photo. This is 50% of a good photo, the other 50% is post processing and I would say that Elia is unique with his knowledge of Photoshop and Lightroom. I am actually in Video # 8 of 14 and has had a tremendous impact on my photography. I have told Elia he may be a better teacher than photographer. His explanations are simple, his voice and language are clear and easy to understand, I look forward to finish the 14 ideos and look forward to his second video training in early 2016. Do not doubt in purchasing this video if you are in landscape photography or you still have room for Photoshop and lightroom learning.

First of all I wanna say that the video is beautifully shot. Fstoppers did an amazing job and the editing is top notch. I do have one complaint about the video, which is my fault since I'm a photoshop noob and only use lightroom to edit, but I'm having a hard time keeping up with Elia when it comes to the photoshop aspect.
In the first couple lessons it was pretty easy but then it got more complicated very fast and I had to keep rewinding back and watching certain parts over and over. Elia would press a key or click something in photoshop that he wouldn't mention and then I sit there stuck trying to figure out what he did.

For example on episode 8 when Elia explains luminosity make. He proceeds to selects the rgb colors and makes them a alpha mask and then presses cmd I to invert and that action select the shadows.

I been stuck on that part for the last two hours because mine doesn't do it lol. I understand, it's partially my fault because I'm horrible at photoshop but I just wanted to warn people who like me never edited in photoshop, it does get complicated :)


Hi guys, I know that $300 for this tutorial is not so much, but I'd like to know if it's possible to pay in instalments? Thanks !

PayPal will give you that option when you pay

I purposely waited for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday special to get this tutorial and it is well worth it!! Quite frankly, I was ready to pay the regular price. The step by step walk through, the explanation of composition and camera settings and the downloaded files to play with and experiment with are well worth it! High quality, easy to follow, great teaching style. Elia goes through his process and it is so easy to follow. He builds on the "complexity" which when you review it is not really complex at all. Easy for even a rookie with Lr and Ps skills. I highly recommend it. It will take your photography to the next level.

WOW! I is correct! I am going to college, read tons of books, belong to the Arcanum and have been a passionate photographer for fifteen years. This course answered questions about processing problems that I have had for well over a year now. Stellar body of work! You really need to push harder on advertising this to all the artists out there.

If you are serious about your art get this course. Photomatix, Efex HD, not going to give you the crystal clear control that Locardi teaches you. His explanation about RAW processing is astounding because it he tells you how far you can push the images and lose nothing in the quality of the final output. The workflow that you develop will, and should, have your own signature on it but the basics are here from pushing the shutter release to PP.

The team has done great! You should absolutely be proud of what you have accomplished with this body of work! Thank you.

This is Awesome!

The tutorials included in the packet are the best photography tutorials I have ever watched! They cover a wide range of topics and Elia explains everything very very well! Super stoked!

If you're thinking about buying this tutorial, you should! It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a professional, there is something for everyone!
Thank you guys for this awesome piece of goodness!


These tutorials with Elia are the most informative and entertaining instructional videos I have ever came across. I have scoured the web for videos and books on how to take your landscapes to the next level and none of them approach the magnitude of what Lee, Patrick and Elia have accomplished. If your on the fence about spending the money on this tutorial, take it from me it is worth it. You are taken on a journey across the world and get all the detailed steps Elia uses in his post processing work. Elia takes the time to break everything down from location scouting, layer adjustments, editing software, and advanced techniques I haven't seen until I watched. $299 may seem like a lot but you are getting what you pay for. FStoppers have invested big $$$ to make Photographing the World the best comprehensive landscape instruction ever made.

Hi Fstoppers and Elia,

First of all, I would like to congratulate you for the amazing work that you have done. I'm saving money since I discovered this tutorial some months ago to buy it as soon as possible. Fotography is only a hobby for me but I'm an Elia's fan from its beginnings and I'm really happy to see how he is having such a succesful career, I understand photography in the same way that he does and hope to meet him at least once in life.

My question about the tutorial is the next: "have they subtitles in English?"
I'm from Spain and my English level is enough to understand Elia but some specific words about post-processing are really complicated to me and with the subtitles it would be a little easy to translate and learn everything.

Thank you guys for your inspiring work and if you (Lee and Patrick) or Elia and Naomi need free accomodation in Parma (Italy) where I live now, my house is yours, as long as you share a bit of your knowledge with me ;-)


I bought this tutorial and watch again and again but on post processing I think little bit too fast for me,that one of my reason not to buy cityscape yet, I'm sure no refund need it I really like Elia Locardi work

Absolutely the best photography tutorial available!!! There isn't any tutorial out there that covers landscape photography to such details...

Both series have become my "must watch before bed time" video...

Thank you Elia, Naomi, Lee and Space boots man (Patrick) for this... you guys have brought my photography to the next level... Thank you very much!

As a relative newbie to the world of photography I have already learned so much from Elia's tutorials. I had a basic knowledge of Lightroom with almost no competency in Photoshop. Elia has made it easy to understand and has been great in providing constructive comments and suggestions on my photos. I can't wait to complete this Landscaping tutorial and move on to the next course. Elia you are so inspirational and while my photography typically keeps me closer to home I now see it in a whole new light. Thank you! I have also learned some great tips regarding photo composition.

This tutorial, along with the Cityscapes Tutorial, are the two of the best tutorials I have ever had the pleasure of buying. I can see an enormous improvement in my processing flow simply from reviewing these tutorials.

I really cannot recommend these enough and if you can afford then buy both and go through them chronologically.

This tutorial is so beautifully made in EVERY aspect, the teaching, the content, the cinematography, EVERYTHING!!

Buy it, if you are a serious Landscape, Travel, Cityscapes Photographer - these are the tutorials for you!

Elia and Fstoppers have put together a fantastic series of tutorials that feature Elia's unique style of landscape photography. Each tutorial takes the viewer through the end-to-end process from capturing the images that will be used to create the final image and then through the various post-processing steps he used to create the image.

The shooting part of the tutorial will confirm a lot of things to the experienced landscape photographers already know. Getting up at ungodly hours to capture the first light as well as the vagranies of Mother Nature are not going to surprise anyone who does landscape work. For the less experienced folks that want to shoot great landscapes; this is reality!

While any photographer can learn from these tutorials, a good working knowledge of Photoshop is essential to get the most out of the post-processing sections. This is definitely not a step-by-step "how to use Photoshop" tutoral; but rather a practical discussion on Elias work flow / methodology. This is something that intermediate to advanced photographers are going to really appreciate.

He uses both Lightroom and Capture One for raw conversion and uses a number of well known plug-ins to produce the images he does. What's even better, he supplies us with the raw files he captured in the tutorials. It gives us some exellent material to practice with. Getting these high quality imagefiles to practice with is highly unusual, but a much appreciated learning tool. Thanks for going the extra step guys!

If you are a serious landscape photographer, it is very instructive to see this acknowledged master of this genre at work. He has gotten me to re-examine my own approaches and workflow and I'm sure I will become a better photographer by doing so. That being said, I am unlikely to switch to Lightroom as Adobe Bridge / Adobe Camera Raw and Phase One Capture One are superior tools that are better suited to my workflow.

I saw this and was excited straight away about the prospect of owning such an incredible set of tutorials. THEN I SAW THE PRICE!! Ouch.....
I know that this is a business for you guys, but if you made the sets more affordable, who knows, you may tap into a whole new market, the "Can't afford $300 for digital downloads" people. Sorry guys, I would LOVE to have bought these and who knows, perhaps many more of your amazing tutorial sets, but I am priced completely out of Fstoppers.
Sad photographer...

We hope to produce some more basic tutorials in the future at lower price points. We consider Elia one of the top photographers shooting and teaching landscape photography and when you combine that with the insane production costs required to travel the world, the price really has to be around $300.

That being said, IMO all of our tutorials are a very good bargain considering every one of the photographers we have worked with charge upwards of $1500 per spot in their one on one live workshops. I'm a big advocate for one on one workshops (we ran 2 Fstoppers workshops in the past), but being able to rewatch content and learn at your own pace might be even more useful, at least it has been for me.

I hope with our tutorials the saying "you get what you pay for" holds up. Like I said before, we do plan on producing some smaller budgeted tutorials that might not be quite as complex. These would be priced much more affordable so everyone can learn regardless of their budget.

I am interested in purchasing the tutorial, but as I am fairly new to photoshop (inexperienced) is this a good way to start? Or do I need a certain level in experience in PS? thank you in advance

While I wouldn't say this tutorial is extremely hard to follow along with, if you have never opened Photoshop before then yes it might be a little advanced for you. Elia does a great job explaining everything he does but I would definitely consider it an intermediate level course in terms of the photoshop processing. He also uses a lot of Lightroom initially to prep the raw files. If you goal is ultimately to learn how to do this type of post processing then I think it's a great investment that will teach you a ton even if you wind up taking it slow initially while you learn Photoshop more.

Hi guys,

Just bought the course and I am going through the first lessons. Already impressed with the quality of production and Elia's structured approach and progression from simple to advanced concepts!

One question: When I completed payment, in paypal, I was directed to a site with links for downloading the course material. After downloading everything I closed the browser assuming that I'd have some email which would have this link.
But I had nothing. Only the email from paypal verifying the payment. There is also no purchase history in my fstoppers account, which could have relevant link(s).
Now it is highly likely that I am missing something as I am known for my negligence..
If for once I am correct, is it possible to get this link? I need to re-download some sections (as I am in a different country now) and also would like to registered to Elias Facebook site.


Great tutorials by a great landscape photographer! Thanks Fstoppers.

Great course !
I watched half of the videos so far and I can already confirm the value of this tutorial.
Elia is really a great teacher and each video is filled with an incredible amount of explanations and tips. And since you have access to the RAW files, you can experiment on your own, which is very important if, like me, you don’t use Adobe products. I can follow Elia’s workflow on the video and adapt it to different tools, DxO Optics Pro and Affinity Photo in my case, because Elia doesn’t just tell you where to click but also why and what’s the purpose of each step.
Another important point if, like me, you’re not a native english speaker, Elia’s english is really easy to follow.
So yes, 300 is not cheap, but it’s worth the price in my opinion. Even if you’re already in landscape photography, watching Elia’s workflow, from capturing on location to the final image, is really inspiring to go one step further.
Also, the production is really professional, great image quality and the feeling of discovering each location like you were there.
So thanks to Elia and Patrick & Lee for braving the cold and the early wake-ups ! Good job guys !

Dear Fstoppers,

I was considering buying this wonderful landscape tutorial. I was wondering: does this tutorial include actual lessons of both photography and post processing of Iceland? Or the part about Iceland is made up only of behind the scenes?

I'm sorry if it has already been asked.

Thank you very much for your attention.

It's 12 hours of photography and post processing lessons. The behind the scenes is on top of that.

Hi Lee, after an Apple memory upgrade that involved Apple installing a bad chip and a complete system rebuild, I seem to be missing the tutorial from Pancake Rock. Can you tell me where to go and what to do to verify my purchase to re-download that? Thanx.

Please email and we will send you new links.

Can't wait to be able to buy. I am a BIG fan of Elia and by watching the behind the scene video it was like being there. I can only imagine how incredible this class is. As soon as I can save some money I'll be buying. :)

So what I can gather, he doesn't use Photomatix or any HDR software to get these results?

Ha definitely not. It's a common joke we tell Elia..."just use photomatix and be done with it!" What Elia is doing is blending multiple frames taken during different times of sunset to get an image that is much more polished and dynamic than anything automated software can do.

I don't shoot a lot of landscapes at all but I have to say, between Elia's and Mike Kelley's tutorials, I have learned sooooo many useful tricks in Photoshop and Lightroom that I've applied to my own photography. Learning Elia's complex selection and masking techniques is worth the price alone in my opinion.

Thanks Patrick. I bought Mike Kelley's tutorial early 2014 and have enjoyed that one. I do a lot of landscapes but use HDR software. I've seen a few photographers lately that get amazing results without HDR software. I might just have to look into this one in the near future. Thanks.

Have you guys thought about releasing individual lessons? i know there is a money back guarantee but its still quite expensive to some folks. Say for example the digital download is $299.99 which is just under $20 a lesson. What about say charging $25 per individual lesson. Surely it would make it more accessible to those wishing to do the course but cant commit financially. And if its more accessible and your charging slightly more per lesson then there will be an increase of revenue. Just a thought.

The first lesson is now available for free on our YouTube channel

Dear FStoppers and Elia,
Thank you so very very much for the wonderful presentation of the whole tutorial project and giving the first lesson for free, in the first part of the video tutorial!
Now I wish to purchase the both tutorials together, BUT before I do so, I need to get an advice about the software I do not have and that is the Capture One that I do not have and I am only using the LRCC and PS Elements 14 and if I purchase the second tutorial, will that be not so beneficial for me because of my limited software? [Quote of Patrick Hall: "The Cityscape tutorial is a completely separate training session. It will focus on much more complex shooting situations as well as more difficult post processing. Elia also focuses on Capture One as the primary RAW Processing engine compared to Lightroom in this one. We will offer a discount for both purchased together and for those who bought the first tutorial."]
So please can you give an advice if I should purchase both or only the first about landscape photography from Iceland and NZ?
Thank you so very much in advance!
Best regards,

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