Lighting 201

Single Source Off-Camera Light Shaping

With Pye Jirsa

SLR Lounge brings you the next level in education as a follow up to their first lighting tutorial: LIGHTING 101 | FOUNDATION AND LIGHT SHAPING. This new course teaches you to take your flash off camera and light your subjects in new and interesting ways.


Welcome to Lighting 201 | Single Source Off-Camera Light Shaping, the best workshop for teaching photographers, from the ground up, how to use Flash Photography.


  • Get the Flash Off Your Camera – Lighting 201 picks up right where Lighting 101 leaves off as we will begin to develop on all of our previous techniques in lighting, light shaping, and light modification. In this workshop, we will focus on creating amazing images with only the use of a single off-camera flash.
  • Comprehensive Guide to Lighting Gear – As we move into Lighting 201, we will be dealing with far more gear than we previously have in Lighting 101. This workshop begins by helping  you better understand and master all the different types of lighting gear and technologies. We discuss everything from budget and inexpensive gear to medium and higher quality gear. All the while, we stress that regardless of the type of equipment you use, you can still end up with professional quality results.
  • Advanced Creative Techniques – In this workshop, we start to emphasize creative light control over corrective light control and show you how to use your single off-camera flash to get interesting new looks to your images. Lighting 201 will teach you everything from backlighting your subjects for creative effects, using light modifiers and DIY gobos to manipulate light, and other techniques to help take your images to the next level.


01. Chapter 1 Intro
02. Welcome to Lighting 201!
03. OCF = Anytime/Anyplace
04. Lighting 101 Speed Review

01. Chapter 2 Intro
02. Wired, Infrared or Radio?
03. “Pocket, Medium, Full Strobe?”
04. Our 3 Favorite Flashes “Pocket Strobes”
05. 4 More Flashes “Pocket Strobes” Worth Looking At
06. Our 2 Favorite Medium Strobes
07. Our 2 Favorite Radio Triggers
08. 5 Simple Steps to Trouble Shooting Radios/OCFs
09. Fantastic ND Filters at Any Price Range
10. Our Favorite “Sticks”
11. Our Favorite Ultra-Portable OCF Light Modifiers
12. 12 Mounting and Must-Have Lighting Accesories
13. Gear Setup – Setting Up a Light stand or “Stick”
14. Gear Setup – Setting Up a Monopod Light or “Boom Stick”
15. Gear Setup – Setting Up a “Medium Boom Stick”
16. Gear Setup – Setting Up a Manual Flash “Big Boom Stick”
17. Gear Setup – Setting Up a Full Feature Flash “Big Boom Stick”

01. Chapter 3 Intro
02. 8 Steps to Perfecting Each Scene & Image When Using OCF
03. Over Powering the Sun – Part I
04. Over Powering the Sun – Part II
05. Slow Down! Watch the Details
06. More Power Without the Power
07. Adding to Existing Light – Part I
08. Bare Bulbing with Large Groups
09. Black Lighting to Create Interest
10. Getting Crazy with the “Whip Pan”

01. Chapter 4 Intro
02. The Flash Modifier You Already Own
03. The Oh-So Powerful Umbrella
04. Large Group Shots with an Umbrella
05. Exposure Balancing via Lightroom
06. Portable Softboxes – Westcott Apollo
07. More Light Control, Just Grid It!
08. Dusk + Modified Pocket Strobes
09. More Power? Medium Strobes FTW!
10. Perfect it In-Camera. Then Photoshop
11. Adding to Existing Light – Part II
12. Adding or Enhancing Light Direction
13. Our Ideal Group Lighting Technique
14. Incorporating Flares with Flash
15. Cutting Light, Grids and GOBOs

01. Chapter 5 Intro
02. Fog + Flash + Grid = Dramatic Change
03. BYOL! The 3-Light Setup That Only Requires One Light!
04. What About The Fill Light?
05. Backlight + GOBO + Fog = Magic
06. Drawing Attention via Light Shaping
07. Visualizing Light & Color Shifts
08. Mixing Ambient + GOBO w/Flash
09. Better Light Can Change Everything!

01. Chapter 6 Intro
02. Subtle Refinement = Massive Difference
03. Great Light Changes Everything! Part II
04. Manually Triggered RCS + Shutter Drag
05. The Right Power for Each Scene
06. Dodging and Burning via Light In-Camera
07. Subtle Light for Natural Portraits
08. Light Modification & Simple Compositing
09. Expanding Your Photographic Vision

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