Lighting 4 by SLR Lounge

Creating Every Natural Light Effect Using Flash

With Pye Jirsa

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Master the patterns and recipes for re-creating authentic and refined natural light using flash, which removes any limitation mother nature might present to you. As a photographer, this means no matter the scene, situation, or time of day, you are always in control!

This video tutorial includes
  • 6+ Hours of Content
  • 19 Lessons, 50+ RAW Files
  • Refine Your Flash Photography
  • Recreate Golden Hour
  • Mimic Window Light with Flash
  • Create Convincing Sunflares
  • ... Much More!

You love the look of natural light, but it limits you to shooting at certain times of day and relying on mother nature. Let’s take away that limitation, because contrary to common misconception, flash CAN look like natural light.  It’s just going to take some advanced lighting education. 

Welcome to Lighting 4,  “Creating Every Natural Light Effect Using Flash.” This is the most advanced and refined step of your lighting toolkit, learning to create any form of natural light effect using highly portable flashes and modifiers. 

Below are a few examples:

Create Soft Window Light with Flash

The following image was shot in a dark gym using flash.  We teach you how to create a large light source to mimic natural window light.

Recreate Direct Window Light Sun

The light from the window is direct FLASH, positioned (and powered) to mimic natural hard sunlight.

Multiple Flashes to Create Multiple Light Sources

Learn how to use multiple flashes to create a key light and a back light that both resemble natural light.  Can you tell that multiple flashes are being used in the image below?

Recreate Soft Backlight

The image below is shot in pure shade!  Learn how to get this look, even when the sun is not cooperating.

Recreate Golden Hour

The following image is shot AFTER the sunset!  Learn how to recreate golden hour when the ideal time has already passed.

Here are all of the concepts you'll learn:

  • Enhancing Existing Light w/ In-Camera Dodge & Burn
  • Creating Portable Window Light Anywhere
  • Creating Large Portable Window Light, Pt. 1
  • Creating Large Portable Window Light, Pt. 2
  • Creating a Direct Window Light
  • Perfect In-Camera Flares w/ Compositing
  • Convincing Environmental Backlight
  • How Atmosphere Affects a Scene
  • Enhancing Existing Light
  • Enhancing Existing Light w/ Flare
  • Backlighting as a Main Light
  • Backlighting as a Main Light w/ Smoke
  • Re-Creating Mid-day Hard Sun w/ Godox
  • Re-Creating Mid-day Hard Sun w/ Profoto
  • Re-Creating Light & Airy Afternoon Backlight
  • Enhancing Late Afternoon Indoor Backlight
  • Re-creating Golden Hour Hard Light
  • Working w/ Artificial Flares
  • Re-Creating Golden Hour Environment
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