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Bentley Release 57.7 Billion Pixel Interactive Image as Part of their New Campaign

Bentley Release 57.7 Billion Pixel Interactive Image as Part of their New Campaign

Ahead of the release of Bentley’s Flying Spur, the company have unveiled an interactive image of Dubai – clocking in at 57.7billion megapixels. The campaign invites users to move around the scene in order to locate their latest car model.

The team suspended a camera 264 meters up the Cayan Tower (where else?!) in order to create what is now officially the world’s most detailed landscape image. A whopping total of 1,825 individual frames were electronically stitched together in order to produce the final result.

As you can imagine, there were numerous obstacles encountered during the shooting process – for one, the camera had to cope with 40°C heat which was creating a haze, as well as 25 km/h wind. Bentley reportedly approached NASA for the tech to take the picture.

Zooming in on the photo will reveal a Bentley Flying Spur W12 S parked at the marina. So high is the image resolution that you can actually get so close to the car’s badge to read it despite the camera being so far away.

Bentley have previously created a 53 billion pixel image of the Muslanne on Golden Gate Bridge in California.

You can have a play of the interactive image for yourself right here.

[via DailyMail]

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Paulo Macedo's picture

57 Billion Megapixel? 57 Billion Pixel? 57 Gigapixel? Can't seem to get my head around these numbers..

Buddy Lindsey's picture

Yeah if you do a view source of it they call it the "gigapixel viewer".

Karl Sangree's picture

I see they re-titled the article as "57.7 Billion Pixel." That makes a whole lot more sense... lol

Simon Whitehead's picture

and for those of you who quite rightly don't want to give The Daily Hate a cent of click revenue, here's the link direct on Bentley's site

Paul Parkinson's picture

PLEASE don't send people to the Daily Fail site. It's a bigoted, racist, xenophobic dung heap of a newspaper.

Here is the link on the Bentley home page. At least let them get the page views...

Peter Brody's picture

Bigot: a person who is intolerant toward **those** holding different opinions.

How about letting people read whatever they want and letting them decide what is what? Calling someone bigoted, racist and xenophobic is about attacking the messengers to avoid the messages. That is being bigoted.

Stick to the messages, not the messengers. Even the lunatic fascist Hitler had some good ideas.

Karl Sangree's picture

I'm with you Paulo, I can't get my head wrapped around that either. Wouldn't that be 5.77e+16, 57,700,000,000,000,000 pixels, or 57.7 quadrillion pixels, or 57,700 terapixels? (did I misplace the decimal?) Yikes! I'm thinking it's 57.7 billion pixels.

Karl Sangree's picture

Yep... changed the title from "57.7 Billion Megapixel" to "57.7 Billion Pixel." I am able to boldly point that out because I've NEVER made a mistake like that... lmao.

Bill Bentley's picture

Love it! But then I am a bit biased. :-)

Peter Brody's picture

Fun idea, the search. Ugly location.