Capturing Something Different: Abstract Aerial Art Creates Amazing Images of the Earth's Texture

Capturing Something Different: Abstract Aerial Art Creates Amazing Images of the Earth's Texture

I have been flying my drone for just about two years now and am always looking to push myself to find new things to shoot. A year ago when I was in Nevada, I shot the ground of the desert with my Phantom 3 and was intrigued by the look and texture in the photo. At the time, I hadn't seen many photos showing textures of the earth until a few months later when I stumbled upon Abstract Aerial Art. Every time I look at their photos, I can't help but to stare at them and try to understand what I am looking at.

When I first saw their work, I was taken back by their style. I am a huge fan of shooting straight down and I felt like these guys were the absolute masters of that. Even today, I am in love with the content they are creating and constantly putting out for us to see. I was lucky enough to chat with them a bit on Instagram to find out a little more about them. Just like me and one of my most recent articles goes over, they search different maps online to find places to shoot. However, for them, they try to find abstract land formations and unique patterns to shoot. Because of their hard work and dedication to shooting in this way, they have traveled all over the world which I feel is pretty much any photographers dream to do. The imagery they have captured along their journey so far is just great to look at and so different from a lot of the other aerial work we are used to seeing.

So you may ask, what makes this aerial work so different? I think that it is so unique that these two U.K. brothers literally look for textures that they can shoot from the sky. The guys at Abstract Aerial Art take perspective to a whole new level by shooting straight downs that really make the viewer think about what they are looking at. Everything from the lighting, color,  and patterns are very consistent throughout their work which is another huge factor that makes them stand out so much. What makes these so special to me is what is being shot. I have tried going out to photograph texture, but don't always come back with just strictly a texture. If I do it is very rare and most of the time it involves something else that takes away from the actual texture in the photo. That being said, I realize that it is very challenging to look for this type of stuff and takes a lot of time and dedication to do the work these guys are creating.

I see a lot of awesome content day after day on social media, but for me to see this kind of work does nothing but inspire me to keep shooting and want to start traveling to more locations. In a way it feels great to be connected with these guys on Instagram because I can always rely on them for amazing aerial photos. I feel like I push myself very hard when it comes to traveling and capturing content around me, so I can really appreciate what they are doing to get these photos. After chatting with these guys and seeing that they go the extra mile (literally) to different countries, I think it is amazing that they are capable of finding such unique patterns and textures from the sky and dedicated enough to bring their gear out to these places to capture the perfect photo of it all. 

I once had a friend that loved rust so much that she would photograph it because she thought the texture and color seemed more like a painting than just rust. She was always struck by the texture and detail in such a simple photo and could stare at it for hours if she wanted. Thinking about that and taking it to a larger scale, these photos actually do look so out of their element that they can be mistaken for a painting, yet they are clearly photos. Seeing the earth like this is a huge eye opener and really goes to show how beautiful the world is that we live in. I don't think these photos can get too much more abstract and I cannot complement these two brothers enough. I am always looking forward to seeing what they post next. 

If you like these photos, check out Abstract Aerial Art on Instagram and be sure to give them a follow. If you are interested in any prints, feel free to jump on their website and take a browse.

All photos used with permission from Abstract Aerial Art.

I am a huge nerd when it comes to drones and have been flying for over 4 years. I enjoy doing aerial photography as my personal work but shoot tons of video for work as well. I am a part of Simply Visual Productions and Simply Sounds, working my way into an industry I couldn't be happier to be a part of.

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