The New York City Drone Film Festival Is Only a Month Away

The third annual New York City Drone Film Festival will be held on March 17–19, 2017. The Festival will consist of aerial cinematography seminars, beginner/intermediate/master classes, Day of Drones at the Liberty Science Center, drone expos, flight demonstrations, drone building programs, FPV racing, and last but not least, a red carpet event and film screening.

Aside from all the films at the end of the day, I'm sure we can expect to see a lot of the top drone manufacturers sharing their products live, along with a variety of awesome classes and seminars that all sorts of dronies will be interested in. There will also be appearances by Chase Jarvis, Nelson George, Ty Evans, Philip Bloom, and many other people involved in the arts, media, and technology.

I myself will be attending this event and look forward to meeting some new people and gaining some extra knowledge in the field. I am also looking forward to seeing the films to see what kind of content is being created because I know from here on out, it will continue to get better and better. You can learn more about the New York City Drone Film Festival on their website and also purchase tickets directly from there.

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Wow, there is some impressive footage in that trailer! Remarkable work!