Skis, Drones, and Flares: A Unique Take on the Ski Video

Heatseeker, created by Nico Vuignier, offers an exciting new take on the traditional ski footage, combining several impressive techniques.

The footage, following a skier down the slopes in the dark, is lit only by the glow of a flare. Presumably attached to a chasing drone, the flare creates sharp contrasts, and paints the snow a glowing orange. The video cuts between a flying point of view, and more traditional fixed views from the ground or on the skier.

I've seen the technique of attaching a light to a drone before, most prominently in Reuben Wu's Lux Noctis. Combining the technique with video, however, creates a very different feeling. Here, the dynamism of the skier and the light further amplify the sense of action.

I'm really impressed at both the visual quality, and the overall production value. Something like this wouldn't even be possible without high performance drones and the impressive high ISO ability of recent cameras. One shot towards the end captures just how clean the footage is, given the constraints, as the snow itself reflects the light cleanly.

The creator mentions an upcoming behind the scenes video, and I'll be curious to see how they didn't end up cooking the drone from the heat of the flare.

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ammmmazing!!!! Thank you very much for sharing.