What You Need To Know About The New Phantom 3 "Standard" Drone

Another day, another drone is now available from DJI. You have heard of the Phantom 3 Advanced and the Phantom 3 Professional but the "standard" version is now available as well. Let's break down everything you need to know about these 3 quadcopters. 

If you're trying to get into aerial photography, look no further than DJI. Yes, the RC tech-heads online will try to convince you that building your own drone will be cheaper and "better" but I'm not buying it. The Phantom 3 comes in 3 different versions costing $799, $999, and $1259. Let me help you understand their strange naming system and which features are included in each version. 


Phantom 3 Standard (the newest release) $799

Camera: 2.7k video and 12MP images

Gimbal: Older system used with Phantom 2 (still very stable)

Range: 1/2 mile

Battery charger: 57V


Phantom 3 Advanced $999

Camera: 1080P video and 12MP images

Gimbal: upgraded (same as pro)

Range: 1.2 miles

Battery charger: 57V


Phantom 3 Pro $1249

Camera: 4k video and 12mp images

Gimbal: upgraded (same as advanced)

Range 1.2 miles

Battery charger: upgraded 100W battery charger (faster) 


Perhaps the strangest feature of the "standard" version is a superior 2.7k camera to the more expensive "advanced" version that can only shoot 1080p video. You basically need to ask yourself how you plan to use it. Do you need the extra range? Are you using this professionally or for fun? Do you really need 4k video? The Phantom 3 "standard" is pretty much an upgraded Phantom 2 vision but that's ok. You'll save $450 over the pro version and the Phantom 2 was amazing

I personally have my eyes set on the Pro version because I think I will use both the range, and the 4k video capabilities. I was worried that the built in camera wouldn't be able to hang with a GoPro but apparently it can. Check out this comparison below.

If you want to learn more, read our full review of the Phantom 3 pro.

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Taylor Osborn's picture

The Standard will also have point of interest, way points and follow me modes while the advanced, pro and Inspire 1 have yet to see those modes added. I'm guessing it's because the standard is still using the original ground station while the P3A, P3P and I1 are using the updated version.

Lee Morris's picture

Thanks for pointing this out. I was unaware

Jason Vinson's picture

i might get that standard as just something to play with...

Jason Vinson's picture

the ability to shoot RAW images on the Phantom camera gives it a one up on the GoPro as well!

Chris Cheek's picture

That looks really cool.

Eitan Kan's picture

Amazing piece. I wonder if Gopro's drone will be better..

Joe Fannta's picture

The biggest difference is in framerate. Standard version doesnt have 1080p at 50frames...
And please stop comparing Gopro with this new phantoms...Anyone flying with fisheye lens is a joke and it looks silly. Gopro was never made for aerial shooting.

Jimmy Schaefer's picture

Now to the REAL TRUTH

First DJI strips this phantom down a ton, you lose range of the phantom to almost 0.5miles MAX, the controller does not support Light Bridge, you lose ground camera, you lose sonar, The camera 2.7K OMG.... but it only records at a max rate of 40mpbs, so you can consider losing lots of detail in your footage. Bit rates are a common issue with DJI, (THEY MAKE SWEET DRONES, BUT SUCK AT CAMERAS) The best camera is the Advanced 1080P camera, because it's 1080P at 60mbps which is just right, where the 4K camera on the Pro is also 60mpbs max and detail is lost. After editing a number of photos from the Inspire 1 and Phantom 3 Pro I've come to the conclusion that the sensors DJI have SUCK! Nice blue skies are pixelated... Video footage is not very sharp.... but i guess that's what we get for a sensor size smaller then a small dime.

This is a glorified Phantom Vision +2 update.

Lee Morris's picture

So do you believe the GoPro takes better footage?

Henry Louey's picture

But otherwise you like the DJI?

Pat Black's picture

if you want to play with the phantom 3 advanced i have it and am in Charleston Till Saturday, i bet if you use it you will never want to fly with a gopro again

Lee Morris's picture

Footage looks better?

Pat Black's picture

yeah insanely better i think, especially with retaining details in the highlights

Weng Tan's picture

When you guys mention the "GoPro" drone, are you talking the 3DR solo?
If not, has anyone actually flown the solo and if so, what do they think compared to the DJI Phantom?

Nasri Saade's picture

I fly a DJI F550, its bigger, and wanted to change it for a phantom 3 mainly because of how easy it is to carry it around and got to try one of a friend (phantom 3 Pro), what i didn't like is that the FPV (lightbridge) has delay and frezzes, went online checked and tried everything and nothing fixed the problem, also read online lots of other people are having the same problem.