Would You Pay Someone to Capture Your Vacation With a Drone?

This past weekend, I spent numerous hours with my partner looking through garden seed catalogs selecting and ordering what we wanted to grow this season. I wanted anything with "dragon" in the name. She wanted some unique looking poppies. We both wanted some cool looking "Black Tomatoes." But when I later Googled "black tomatoes," I found something else. I found that you can now pay someone to go on vacation with you and follow you around with a drone to document the trip. What?

Yep. There's a travel company called Black Tomato that is offering a program called "Drone the World," a seemingly-luxury service where you can pay for a local professional drone photographer to document your vacation. For the cost of only a few DJI Phantom 4 drones, you could book a trip and hire someone to follow you around and get aerial footage of the places you go around the world and take the selfies for you, all neatly packaged in a short video when you return home. I think this service would apply to those who tend to fly first class or stay in all-inclusive resorts, but I guess it would also work if you just value photography more than where you sleep and want someone to document your trip from afar instead of spending the time doing it yourself.

Could you see yourself ever booking a service like this? Or would you just use the DJI Mavic Pro's "selfie mode" instead?

[via The New York Times]

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Daniel Haußmann's picture

I would rather like to be the guy they hire. Probably however my goal (cinematic shots) and theirs (narcisstic selfies) won't match. In any case I guess there enough - not too many - people around that would be interested in such services and willing and capable to pay.

Stephen Ironside's picture

I think maybe their goal is "cinematic selfies." Ha!

LA M's picture

Ya I would do it...if it was a special travel plan like an anniversary or something like that. More than likely though I would pay a colleague to do that...close enough to be comfortable but not intrusive.

Ant hony's picture

Are there legal and airspace restrictions in other countries like there are in the US? I would have loved to have a drone flying around Beijing.

Anonymous's picture

I'm sorry...this is completely unrelated but I'm kinda old and culturally illiterate. When you say "partner" in the context of buying garden seeds, I'm thinking you're not business partners. I've heard that some same sex couples refer to each other as their partner but that doesn't seem to apply in your case. So, what does it mean? Again, I'm sorry for asking but I really don't understand.

Michael Harris's picture

Why does it matter in the context of the article? Next you'll probably be asking about the color and ethnicity of the partner - again totally unrelated to the context of the article. I'm male and my 'partner' is female and we refer to each other as 'partners', equals. I hear Reddit has a few openings for comments why don't you head on over there and ask around?

Anonymous's picture

I guess your reply is why I didn't want to ask. As I stated, it IS completely unrelated. I asked because when people write things, I want to understand what they're saying. You know...the point of communication. Really, mentioning his partner was unnecessary for the article as well. But he did and then...

So if I don't understand what someone means when using an unfamiliar term or in a context I'm not familiar with, some people will think I'm old fashioned or whatever. If I ask about it, I can expect a response like yours. At least you didn't disappoint. :-/

BTW, I asked two people (both quite a bit younger than me) and one said something along the lines of your explanation (cleverly hidden within an insult). The other had no idea and hadn't heard the term in that context either.

I have no idea what Reddit is but don't worry...I won't ask.

Stephen Ironside's picture

I didn't think that line would cause such a stir! It's basically just a 'gray area' term, I guess. Fully committed for the long haul, just not "engaged," since we both have unfavorable/atypical views of marriage. Not "girlfriend," because that doesn't seem like enough. So, we settled with "partner," for now at least. Same-sex couples often use the term in places where they're not legally allowed to get married because they don't have many other options (though that is changing rapidly, hooray!)

It's fine that you asked, sorry that the other replies you got were less than educational.

Simon Patterson's picture

Where I'm from, it is common to call someone's romantic partner "partner", regardless of each person's gender.

Anonymous's picture

Thank you.

Simon Patterson's picture

I don't think I'm the target audience for this service. I prefer a little more peace and quiet when I go on vacation, rather than regular buzzing in my ears from a nearby drone. That's aside from being turned off by the price and the annoyance of being continually filmed.

Maybe the Kardashians or Dan Bilzerian are more likely to use the service.

Woody Huband's picture

I think it might be kind of fun to have a video of one's self skiing on a powder day, catching a tarpon or whatever your vacation pleasure is. However, not being a celebrity, I can't imagine hiring someone to follow me around on vacation and video my adventures. I guess I'll have to rely upon my non photo buddies or the 10 second timer (usually better than buddy photos) to catch stills of my adventures.

Stephen Ironside's picture

I agree -- it would be fun for action-oriented type things, but maybe not just laying on a beach somewhere. A luxury item for sure!

Bruce Lindman's picture

Is there a service where I can pay someone to shoot down any drones that inconsiderate people fly around my on my vacation?