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An Unlikely Intruder: The Fly Inside a Professional Canon Lens

What seems like it could have been an April Fools joke if it had come out a few days sooner, the Lensrentals blog has posted a great (and enlightening) story on something that apparently has happened more than once: somehow, for some reason, a full-sized fly got into a lens, and the entire lens had to be disassembled to remove it. The question is: did it affect image quality?

Fstoppers Reviews Drone Pilot Ground School

Last autumn, I finally decided to get my butt in gear and become FAA Part 107 Certified to be able to fly my drone commercially. Since I had pretty limited time in the busy fall season, and had zero prior aviation knowledge, I decided to give one of the many online courses out there a try.

On Being Profitable as a Photographer

It’s the height of tax season, and an odd thing just happened to me. I was at my accountant’s office filing my business taxes for 2018 last week, and she said to me, “Wow. I have a lot of photographers as clients, but most of them aren’t making a living. What are you doing differently?”

Mirrorless Cameras Versus DSLRs for Beginners

This past weekend, I was running around shooting a half-marathon race for charity with my Nikon D5 and Fujifilm X-T2. Whenever I'm touting a huge and a small camera like that, the questions start pouring in about the differences between the two, so I thought this video from Jared Polin going back to the basics about mirrorless and DSLR cameras would be a good one to share.

An Iconic Image: 'Lunch Atop a Skyscraper'

If I were a betting man, I'd wager that you've seen this image from 1932 of construction workers sitting on an iron beam, called "Lunch Atop A Skyscraper." I'd also wager that you hadn't thought much about the photographers that took the image.

Why Professionals Should Still Assist Other Photographers

I’ve been working as a full-time professional photographer — meaning that 100 percent of my income is from photography — for over eight years. For the most part, I know what I’m doing. But I still make the time to assist other photographers when I can, and here’s why.

The Photographer's Paradox

Sometimes, as photographers, we get a little tied up in having everything about a shoot be as professional and as perfect as we possibly can. But, as Daniel DeArco points out in this great video, it doesn't always have to be that way.