Fujifilm Announces the X-T3 Camera

Fujifilm Announces the X-T3 Camera

In a week full of mirrorless camera announcements, Fujifilm has stepped up to the plate again with its announcement of the X-T3. 

As an update to the widely popular X-T2, Fuji’s new X-T3 camera has some seemingly modest but very welcomed improvements.

Featuring a new backlit sensor, upgraded video recording, a new image processor, upgraded autofocus system, an updated EVF, and a rear touchscreen LCD, the X-T3 seems to put some well-desired upgrades in the hands of users where a firmware update simply won’t do. 

Here are a few of the new specs:

  • 26.1-megapixel APS-C X-Trans BSI CMOS 4 Sensor with low native ISO of 160
  • X-Processor 4 with quad-core CPU
  • UHD 4K/60p video with f-log gamma and 10-bit out (up from 4K/30p on the X-T2)
  • 425-point phase-detection autofocus down to EV -3, a claimed 1.5x improvement
  • 0.75x magnification, 3.69-million-dot electronic viewfinder with 100 fps refresh rate, over 1 million more dots than the X-T2 (2.36m)
  • 3.0” 1.04-million-dot Ttilting LCD touchscreen
  • Continuous shooting up to 11 fps without needing the battery grip, up to 30 fps in black-out mode with a crop factor
  • Bluetooth
  • USB-C connectivity
  • Locking exposure compensation dial
  • Dual UHS-II SD slots (sorry, I had to)

The body is a little bit larger and heavier than the X-T2, which isn’t great for what I use it for, mainly for travel and backpacking. To me, the only other thing that is lacking is image stabilization, which would be really nice to have. For that, you’ll have to jump to the X-H1. But my mouth is watering for just the autofocus alone, going from a hybrid 325-point system on the X-T2 to a 425-point full-sensor phase detection system on the X-T3 is no small feat. 

The X-T3 retails for $1,499 (body only), which is less than the X-T2 retailed for at launch and comes in black or silver and can also be purchased with an 18-55mm kit lens for $1,899.

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Don't know why but, maybe it's just me.
Sony has all the bells and whistles when it comes to Video, Nikon on the sensors and Canon for the lenses and AF and all. But, when it comes to me thinking to buy a mirrorless camera, I allways think about these Fujifilm APS-C cameras.
There is something in them that draws my atention, either aesthetics, or whatever.
I'm kind of leaning on buying one, maybe when the X-T30 comes out...

I bought one. I literally take it everywhere. It's nice to have around =]

One second I saw another comment brb.

Okay back. Also paired with a $400 prime....it's a blessing and not that expensive.

They are fun to use. Good ergonomics, mechanical dials, good OOC JPG looks, easy menus.

It's the least impressive camera body announcement of the last few weeks, but it's probably the most capable of them (and the cheapest).

Definitely an exciting year for camera enthusiasts.

For amateur shooters drooling over the new full frame MLs this is the sensible choice. A lot less expensive, only lacking Ibis. Better batteries would be nice too.

But it has better CIPA than Canon or Nikon mirrorless

I have no idea what cipa is

It's basically a standardized measurement of how many pictures you can take before the battery runs out. It doesn't reflect real world use at all (the numbers are usually way too low) but it's a nice starting point to compare different models from different manufacturers.

And the batteries are smaller and cheaper than the Canon/Nikon counterparts. It's annoying, but manageable.

Really it's fine lol. I have two batteries. I can do a four hour shoot (strobe too) on one charge. I shoot sports time to time and I'm surprised by this little engine that CAN.

Awww look at me defending my fuji HAHA.

Then you mean CIPA rating, not CIPA alone. CIPA is an association, they'd be pissed to see they're now associated solely with batteries for some people.

If this had the same articulating screen as the X-T100, it surely would’ve been perfect for the vloggers. While I shoot professional video (FS5 + a7s/a7iii as b-cam), Fuji has always been my go-to for stills just for their SOOC JPEGs. Have always loved the colors coming out of my X100F + XE-3 (not the most robust body but it works great) along with the few lenses for it (10-24, 35, 56, and 50-140).

I'm OK with all this. It's a solid upgrade. I really like how Fuji has created an upper, mid, and lower line of APS-C cameras. Being the mid tier line, I think they made smart choices on what to add and what to leave out to meet the pricing.

Can't wait for the inevitable X-H2 though. This 4th gen sensor in that body would make a killer camera.

This last couple of weeks, and the last couple of years overall, are unprecedented. When have so many future-defining camera releases ever taken place in such a short window?

Sony A9 and A7R3. Nikon D850. Sony A73. The Nikon and Canon mirrorless releases. The X-T3 with dual card slots, headphone jack, 4K 60p...all for $1500.

So many cameras pushing the envelope...or not. I'll definitely be picking up an X-T3 next year. 18 months of shooting with my X-T2 has moved me firmly in the Fuji camp. Next year (or maybe I'll wait for the A74 to come out), I'll pick up a Sony body to use all my Canon glass with.

Huge thanks all the non Big Two camera companies for driving innovation.

This was wildly discussed on all web sites YESTERDAY. Were you guys asleep?


What's wrong with sleep?...

Its good to have a few systems to do different projects no one system has it all. This new chips architecture associated with the processor being able to copy and paste firmware upgrades is revolutionary for a company like Fuji who is one of the only companies that makes an old camera mew again. At 1500 less that the cost of a good lens I don't see why people insist on pitting these newly released bodies against each other just fighting about trivial specifications. The fact that the Fuji X-T3 has dual slots makes it a winner for serious event shooting no matter what other cameras can do.

Fuji's lens lineup is another big plus and their JPEG's are second to none. If you never experienced the Fuji system you should try it. If your capable of reasoning on your own you can find ways to get around 95% of the reviewers comments and make very sweet images.

Will it shoot the best video ever not likely but then if that's your concern do buy into it. What about AF well if you get to know its limitations it very easy to get the images if you need more go another direction heck buy three systems to do three jobs and then you have no one to blame but yourself if your not producing stellar images.

Just to digress I bought the new Nikon P1000 which as of today hasn't been delivered will it give me the same picture IQ as my H6D no but that's not why I bought it. For $1000 its got to be a lot of fun and with 3000mm zoom I cant imagine not getting extraordinary images that just didn't previously exist with any system.

Don't know how it is on the P1000 yet, but the technology that allows you to shoot at 2000mm equivalent magnification handheld, on a mass-produced consumer product no less, is nothing short of astonishing!

Wow, to me, this a much more exciting release than the Nikon/Canon releases. New BSI sensor, dual card shots, 4k 60p, and a better AF system (that includes Eye AF). Solid release! That said, I did try the XT-2 before settling on the A7R3, but I found the AF a little slow on the older lenses (and I honestly think people have some sort of placebo effect when going on about their superior lens awesomeness), and I hated the shallow grip (couldn't really hold it with one hand very well), and the eye AF was kind of a frustration more than anything else. But in my mind, they are one of the only other companies truly challenging Sony in innovation, and you gotta love those firmware updates. If the XT-3 did truly improve the AF (and Eye AF), I would buy this way before I'd consider the new Canon/Nikon offerings.

You could not tell it was more exciting from Fstoppers coverage. They waited a full day before they even mentioned it. Also, by this time, they already had several Nikon articles on how bad it was.

I totally agree.

impressive camera for photography. there is no other camera body which gives you such a pleasure when using. this with a full frame sensor from Sony and fuji quality lenses and no one would even want to consider canon/nikon/sony.

but in the end, this is so bad, but i really didn't like the look of aps c sensors for portrait and fashion work, and I hate myself for that. this is nuts

Having been lucky enough to try it out over 8 days... give it a harsh treatment, shooting cyclists riding over 110km/h, and from an 80km/h motorbike in the french alps from 500m altitude to 3600m altitude, by cold, warm, damp, wet... what I can say is that the X-T3 is a beast and was an amazing surprise.

Here are my views on the camera : https://www.olivierborgognon.com/test-extreme-du-fuji-x-t3/

A few new additions as well as all the technical specs out there, and considering what you'll see are capture one pro retouched JPG's, and not the RAW files which software doesn't know how to read yet... well it's a killer !

What do you think of the "real world" Fuji X-T3 high ISO image quality? What about the noise reduction on the skin tones?

It doesn't seem to be much of an improvement from the X-T2 (for stills) other than the slight bump in resolution.

From DPReview's sample gallery:

ISO 4000

ISO 6400

ISO 12800