X PlusOne: Is This The Next Evolution In Quadcopter Technology?

As an owner of multiple quadcopters, I always get excited when I see new technology coming out. When I saw the promo video for the Xcraft X PlusOne I was instantly intrigued. This quad combines the convenience of vertical takeoff and landing with super fast forward motion traditionally only achieved with fixed wing setups.

Having the ability to travel at higher speeds to capture video footage could be very beneficial, as well as extremely fun. As I stated, there are RC options available already for for flying at faster speeds, but they don't have the ability to hover or takeoff and land vertically. The X PlusOne combines the best of both worlds. I'd love to get my hands on one!


Key Features

  • A speed demon: Need to follow a fast subject or want some super-cool flybys?  The patent pending design of the X PlusOne has you covered with ultra-fast cruise mode with speeds over 60 mph (100 km/h).

  • The hover ship: A stable quadcopter when you need it for tight takeoffs and landings or when shooting stills.

  • Easy to fly: Stabilized in both hover and cruise modes.  Auto recovery switch ensures that if you get in trouble, one flip of a switch will put the craft into auto-level hover.

  • Capable for the pro: If you're already an expert, disable stabilization for amazing aerobatics, unlike anything you've ever experienced with an RC aircraft.

  • Ultimate GoPro accessory:  With multiple options for mounting GoPro action cameras, your inner aerial cinematographer will never be in want with the X PlusOne.

  • Stable camera platform: Optimized control algorithms and an optional 2-axis brushless camera gimbal mean you get rock solid, silky smooth aerial video and stills.

  • Ready to fly - and film: Ready To Fly and Film packages get you everything you need to keep up with the action.  All Ready To Fly packages include the assembled X PlusOne, motors and electronics, 2.4 GHz transmitter, battery, and charger.  The Ready To Film packages also throw in a micro DV or GoPro Hero camera!

  • Safe: The X PlusOne is rich in safety features including Safe-Arm and Auto-Recovery.


  • Dimensions: 32.5 x 19 x 14 inches

  • Flying weight: 2.8 pounds 

  • Patent-pending hybrid quadcopter flying wing design

  • Speed range: hover - 60 mph (100 kph)

  • Flight time: 10–15 minutes

  • Breaks down for easy transportation

  • Optional 2-axis brushless gimbal for GoPro

  • Optional fixed GoPro mount

  • Optional fixed micro DV camera 

  • Optional GoPro Hero HD action camera

There are only a few more days left of their Kickstarter campaign so be sure to go and check it out while you can still get an early bird deal!

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An interesting concept, but tricky to place a camera on. If the position for the gimbal that is shown in the video is final, the camera will be on the nose in 'fast flight mode', which is fine...but that means it will be on the top in 'hover mode', which means you cannot shoot downwards while hovering. Less than ideal. Kinda makes the hovering mode only come in handy for takeoff.

Interesting. In California there are so many restrictions on drones/quadcopters that it doesn't pay to own one.

Far too much talk, and far to little performance footage. Impossible to amke an informed opinion on this other than to say the idea is good.

Shame the innovation does not improve flight time, 10-15 minute flight time listed on the kickstarter site. Your basic dji does 23 minutes with gimbal and a much better positioning of the camera for aerial shots.

On some of their photos you can see the build quality is awful.

This is exactly what it appears to be. A camel! neither a quad nor a plane. Stuck somewhere between the two but not good at either. Waste of time. there is no innovation here.