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BBC’s 'Blue Planet' Is Back and It’s Better Than Ever

BBC’s 'Blue Planet' Is Back and It’s Better Than Ever

The first episode of "Blue Planet II" was aired in the U.K. this week to critical acclaim, showcasing some of the most remarkable camerawork ever seen on the seas, and even giving us a behind-the-scenes look at the huge efforts undergone in capturing this international TV event.

The commitment that BBC Earth have to their wildlife shows is world renowned. “Blue Planet II” is no different, taking four years to shoot. Breakthroughs in camera technology is immediately on show with ultra-slow-motion 4K shots of dolphins surfing. Other nifty camera work to look out for include light shows of plankton shot in almost complete darkness, a shot from a suction camera mounted on a humpback whale, stunning Aurora Borealis time-lapses, and some of the most beautiful macro video work you will see on television.

The dedication to the craft comes into full focus when BBC take you “Into the Blue,” an extended look at a part of the production. We are introduced to a camera crew of dolphin surf chasers, jet skiing over 20 foot waves with $40,000 worth of camera under one arm.

But this isn’t just a tech race. If you are already familiar with the first “Blue Planet” or the “Planet Earth” series, then you’ll know that “Blue Planet II” is a collaboration of production teams, editors, colorists, composers, and the most traveled man ever lived, Sir David Attenborough. Hats off to the BBC Earth team for continuing to create a platform where we witness the most remarkable collaboration of the very latest in camera technology and nature.

The U.S. audience will have to wait until early 2018 for the full series to be aired on BBC America, but trust us Brits, it’s worth waiting for.

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stunning imaginary

These shows have inspired my 7 year old son to want to be an underwater photographer

Just amazing! Can not wait for this to be released.