The Best Wildlife Photography TV Show Is Free on YouTube

Alright, you can hate me for this since I've been keeping it to myself for a while now. But "Wild Photo Adventures," the PBS television series that follows wildlife photographer Doug Gardner, has been made available for free on YouTube.

While you can sometimes catch a random episode of "Wild Photo Adventures" at rough times like 4 a.m. once every few months on your local PBS station, on YouTube you can now watch 39 full episodes. Each episode runs approximately 30 minutes and has quite a bit higher production value than other YouTube channels you might be used to. There are a wide range of locations within the U.S. and animal subjects that are theme to each individual episode, and most importantly the narrative is about the art of wildlife photography and the respect for the animals.

If you've ever watched my absolute favorite photography series, the Luminous Landscape Video Journals, this is created in a similar vein only instead of landscapes being the central focus we have beautiful beasts. It might be a long shot you've seen them, but what I'm trying to say is that if you enjoy yourself some one-on-one time photographing furry friends, check out "Wild Photo Adventures."

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Watch all these a couple months ago and really enjoyed them.

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Doug has been one of South Carolina's best nature photographers for years now. I always enjoy his shows.

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I watched all 39 a few months ago. It's a great series. I appreciate the emphasis on being patient and ethically watching the animal behavior instead of forcing it by disturbing them, such as don't flush snow geese. If you wait patiently, you'll get several times where the flocks fly (bonus for you) and you won't disrupt their natural behavior causing them harm (good for the animal)."