Breathtaking Hunt for the Perfect Polar Bear Photography in Arctic

Photographing wild animals in their natural environment is very rewarding and one of the most beautiful experiences that a nature photographer can live. Actually, that most photographers could live. Being face to face with a polar bear with nothing but a camera in between is both extraordinarily breathtaking and scary. Wild nature photographer Joshua Holko, filmmaker Abraham Joffe, and cinematographer Dom West went to the Arctic and documented this experience so that we could try to relive it with them.

Finding a polar bear is no easy task as there aren’t many still alive and the conditions they live in aren’t the same we are used to in our comfortable cities. The three visual artists trekked for three days by -20°F trying to find traces of polar bears such as foot prints or blood from the food they ate.

The images they brought back from this journey are absolutely stunning! Even more so when you imagine how painful it must have been to shoot in such conditions with hardware failure, batteries draining faster than ever, and surviving with freeze-dried food. But Joffe sums it up by saying it was one of the most rewarding shoots they have all been involved in, in spite of the conditions.

To see more of Joffe's and West's cinematography visit Untitled Film Works website, and for more of Holko's photography, head over to his wild nature photo site.

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William Howell's picture

Wow that is beautiful light. I guess, just like the soft box the most beautiful light is at the end, so it is with the earth.

If you pause the movie at the cabins they where staying in, it is beautifully built with high quality materials, the picture window looks like it has three or four panes of glass in the sash! That is something.

I remember reading about towns across northern Canada being menaced by numerous polar bears and even a prison of sorts for the rogue polar bears.
So that’s good news, there are more polar bears than ever before and may be taken off the endangered category, if it hasn’t already happened!