Curious Arctic Fox Approaches Photographer and Nibbles His Nikon Gear

Stefan Forster, a Swiss landscape photographer, was in the middle of taking some snaps when he was approached by a curious arctic fox.

Forster was in Ilulissat, Greenland back in September of last year when he was approached by the animal, whose fur is white-gray in color. In the 50-second clip, the curious creature can be seen sniffing the Nikon equipment, even attempting to nibble on the lens hood before ultimately spooking itself and running off.

Forster has been crawling through terrain and trying to keep a low profile for about 3,300 feet. Speaking to Storyful, he says the interaction took place after the fox had been in his company for around 20 minutes, gradually working up the courage to come closer and explore.

With such a close vantage point, Foster managed to grab a few clear portraits of the fox, which he posted to his 27,000 Instagram followers.

A high number of arctic foxes are killed every year for the fur trade.

Forster is the owner and expedition leader of the photo school, which offers photography workshops all over the world. You can also find more of his work on his website and Instagram.

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Anete Lusina's picture

Wow, this beauty is welcome to nibble on all my gear haha!

Wayne Denny's picture

Everyone knows Nikon gear tastes the best!

Andrzej Muzaj's picture

No way! These creatures are so elusive! I had three encounters with them and no usable image from any of it. And here it just came right to Stefan. You're so lucky ;P

Spy Black's picture

It's too adorable.

Rod Kestel's picture

'Dude, that is totally the f2.8, right.'
'Image stabiliser? Nice'
'But listen, back off the ISO, okay?'