A Dog Photobooth Made Out of Lego

A cute dog, some Lego, and a camera... I can't think of anything more perfectly made for the internet than this.

Swedish born inventor, Simone Giertz, usually is known for building things out of wood, metal, Arduinos, and such. However, in her latest video, she decided to build her a dog a photo booth using nothing more than a lot of Lego and a GoPro. Usually her inventions are strange, like her teeth piano, or terrifying, like her fruit chopping machine, but this one is incredibly charming and she does a great job of walking us through the whole process. 

The photos the camera captures of her dog, Scraps, are adorable, and would be difficult to capture with a more traditional camera setup. Will they win any awards? Probably not. But they are cute, well composed, and intimate shots of her dog. I'd love to see her recreate this with a bigger room and a DSLR setup, capturing some truly editorial-looking photos of her dog, but it's great for what it is.

What do you think of the project? I think the only question now becomes: Who owns the copyright to the photos? Giertz or the dog?

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