Go Inside the World of a Conservation Photographer

"We all have the ability to be creators of hope," notes Conservation Photographer Thomas Peschak. Take ten minutes to explore the world of a man whose work embodies that every day.

Thomas Peschak was originally a marine biologist, but in 2004, he became an environmental photojournalist, citing the ability to have more influence on conservation with photographs. Nonetheless, Peschak has not strayed far from his scientific roots, serving as the Director of Conservation for the Save Our Seas Foundation and the Founder and Associate Director of the Manta Trust. He is also an assignment photographer for National Geographic and a senior fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers — he's quite the busy guy. 

Peschak's work is amazing not only for its technical brilliance and the beauty of what it captures, but also for the striking relationship between him and the marine life he photographs. Near the end of the video, he notes that he wishes for a future in which he has to create less images of the marine world being negatively impacted by humanity and more that "showcase our respectful coexistence with the ocean." It's certainly a great reminder of the power of photography to document and to inspire change.

Be sure to check out Peshcak's website and Instagram

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