Helpful Dog Photography Tips in Just 90 Seconds

Dog photography can be incredibly rewarding when you do it right, but it can also be quite frustrating when the little puppers are bouncing all around and paying attention in every direction except yours. This helpful video will give you some quick tips to improve your pictures of dogs and to increase your chances of getting the shot.

Coming to you from Shutterstock Tutorials, this great video tutorial will give you some quick tips for improving your dog photography. Being able to capture the joy and happiness of a dog can certainly make for some wonderful photos or simply fond memories of the family pet, but it's not particularly easy to get them, particularly if you're working with a higher-energy breed or a puppy. Luckily, food is almost always a great motivator and attention-grabber, and with a little trickery and a little (or often, a lot) of patience, you can get the shot. This is definitely a case in which you might want to consider overshooting a bit, as it'll likely increase your chances of getting a keeper or two. The tutorial also goes over some basic lighting ideas in case you're shooting in studio. Check out the video above for the full rundown.

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Benoit Pigeon's picture

I haven't met a dog scared of strobes. Some are very intrigued by the refresh beep, which can be good or bad. Some cats are scared, but I've seen some more scared of the lens pointing at them and the shutter sound than the strobes. Refresh beep should be off for cats

Leigh Horwood's picture

Agreed! I shoot studio based pet portraits and have yet to meet a dog who is bothered by strobes.

João Almeida's picture

The dogs usually don't care about the flash. The cats do, and that's great! They usually look at the softbox and then, bam! There's a really good photo of them looking at the light!

Leigh Horwood's picture

Seconds before he ripped her face off.

heikoknoll's picture

. . too bad you didn´t have a "Helpful bird photography tips in just 90 seconds" video about a week ago :-))